0 Aquatrols Signs Licensing Agreement with Brigham Young University

Aquatrols, the global leader in soil surfactant technology, is excited to announce that we have signed an agreement with Brigham Young University to license a unique, patent-pending technology for coating seeds with soil surfactants. Aquatrols views the technology, developed by Dr. Matt Madsen and colleagues at BYU and Cornell University as a new method to deliver soil surfactants to water repellent soils to enhance seed germination and seedling establishment.

Says Dr. Stan Kostka, Director of Innovation and New Business Development at Aquatrols, "What started as a successful experiment in wildfire restoration could develop into an innovative platform to improve seedling establishment in areas ranging from turfgrass to important horticultural and agronomic crops, especially in water limited areas. This technology could make strides in unchartered territories including the ability to sow grass and seeds that are hard to establish in water repellent soils, the ability to repair fire affected wilderness, and the ability to improve stand establishment in soils that crust. We look forward to seeing what it can do."

Nick Gadd, Director of Global Marketing says, "Scientific leadership and innovation, combined with successful global distribution partnerships has always been at the heart of Aquatrols business philosophy. We believe Dr. Madsen's technology combined with Aquatrols technical and marketing expertise will truly provide us with an opportunity to change the way the world grows by addressing real water scarcity issues in agriculture, horticulture, wild-fire reclamation and turf management globally."

For more information contact Jana Hampton at jana.hampton@aquatrols.com, or (856) 537-6003.

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