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aston turf .jpgSince ancient times growers have been aware that garlic plants (or Allium sativum) are not attractive to
certain insects, animals or fungi. Garlic Sprays were used to stimulate the natural ability of plants to resist pests and diseases. As matter of routine, garlic treatments are now used as growth supplements in various crops such as lettuce, tomatoes, strawberries, ornamentals and also for healthier turf.

As golf course managers and greenkeepers seek to alleviate insects, nematodes and create a fungal-free turf, Aston Turf has been developed to provide such a solution in a prophylactic way. Launched at Saltex 2009, this is a water-based natural product formulated from garlic extracts and citrus. It is both concentrated, biodegradable and contains high levels of allicin which has both anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

The unique blend provides a number of benefits. These include healthy root growth, stimulation, plant vigour and tillering. This helps to resist the adverse effects of stress due to drought and any lack of nutrition in turf. Aston Turf will also optimise the effects of fertilisation. Aston Turf will address the problems of many common fungal diseases including Anthracnose, Brown Patch and Fusarium.

It's systemic and prophylactic action makes it suitable for professional usage beyond golf course management and throughout the entire sportsturf sector. This new product can be seen on stand A20at Harrogate Week in January 2010.

To view a full specification or purchase this product see Aston Turf Garlic Spray

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