0 ATT has two showings at San Antonio Golf Industry Show

IMG 7729Heading out to San Antonio, Texas, for the US Golf Industry Show with the rest of the British contingent, will be ATT. Fresh after the launch of the new 30" INFiNiSystem™ at BTME 2015 John Coleman and his team will have their work cut out offering support on two exhibition stands!

Hustler Turf Equipment on Booth 25050 will be displaying the TMSystem™ fitted to a Triple Greens mower.

The beauty of the TMSystem™ is that it has an appropriate SMART cassette to Aerate, Brush, De-Thatch, Groom, Level, Scarify or Top Dress. Furthermore, using the appropriate chassis adaptor kit, the system is fully compatible with all main-stream makes of triplex greens mowers and lightweight fairway mowers, like John Deere, Jacobsen, Toro and Hustler Turf, as well as ATT's dedicated 22" INFiNiSystem™ pedestrian unit. The system makes for a versatile piece of equipment that saves the need to buy individual machines or the need to buy OEM cutting reels.

IMG 1733Over on Booth 4027 Cub Cadet will be showing Precise Path Technology's RG3, the world's first robotic greens mower for golf courses that makes use of ATT's 22" TMSystem™. By using a proprietary positioning technology better than GPS, the RG3 moves precisely and safely across the green. It travels in straight lines and along the perimeter without the need for an operator, delivering consistent and repeatable cuts every time, so every green is mowed exactly the same way.

The advanced robotic technology, and ATT's range of SMART cassettes, allows for mowing and rolling in a single pass with consistent overlap. In trials operators have commented how the RG3's impact to their putting greens have exceeded expectations. In particular the SMARTCut™ cassette was seen to achieve a much higher clipping yield leading to more consistent green speeds and smoother putting surfaces.
ATT's sales arm, The Grass Group, and US local dealer CS Trading will also be helping to share the load.


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