0 Australian crocodile Elvis steals lawnmower

Australian crocodile Elvis steals lawnmower

Crocodile handler at the Australian Reptile Park, Tim Faulkner, explained how they would make the enclosure safe again

An Australian crocodile reacted badly when a noisy lawnmower invaded his space - he stole it, forcing keepers to make a daring rescue.

Elvis, who lives at the Australian Reptile Park, lunged at the mower, grabbing it from operations manager Tim Faulkner and keeper Billy Collett.

Pulling it under water, the five-metre saltwater crocodile "drowned" the machine at the park near Sydney.

He then sat and watched his catch for more than an hour in his enclosure.

''Once he got it, he just sat there and guarded it,'' said Mr Faulkner. ''It was his prize, his trophy. If it moved, then he would attack it again.''

That, he told the BBC, was fairly typical crocodile behaviour.

See the rest of the article on the BBC News

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