0 Australian Firm Hendriksen Contractors Invest in Shelton Sportsturf Drainage Equipment

shelton.2jpg Marcel Hendriksen from Hendriksen Contractors in Skye, Australia was already involved in sports pitch drainage, but sub-contracting the work out. He wanted more control over the specification, quality and timing of installing the drainage systems and decided that purchasing the machinery and taking the work back in house was the answer.

After a lot of internet research into the different options available, Marcel decided that Shelton SDS may be able to offer him the equipment he required.

Marcel made contact with Mick Claxton, who manages overseas sales at Shelton and Marcel arranged to fly over to Lincolnshire to see firsthand, both the quality and performance of Shelton equipment. Mick said: 'After speaking with Marcel on the phone, I was confident that it would be worthwhile for him to make the journey.

Seeing the machinery working gave Marcel an insight into how the equipment could be used in his environment back home in Australia and also gave us the opportunity to adjust the machines to his final specification. The ability to manufacture bespoke equipment appeals to many customers as their exact requirements can be met.

Marcel placed his order and a shipping date was agreed. A 40ft container containing the equipment, additional wearing parts and spares was duly despatched on time and arrived 6 weeks later in Melbourne.

shelton.3jpgMarcel said, 'I chose Shelton as I was very impressed with the build quality and finish of their machines, the trip to England was very valuable, as I could discuss the needs of our business in Australia and the machines I ordered were customized to fit those requirements.

To date we have completed 20,000 metres with the Supertrencher+ 760 and I am delighted with the quality and performance of all the machinery.'

Shelton were also pleased to put Marcel in touch with one of their other customers. Brian O'Carroll from County Offaley in Ireland was considering a move to the US when the recession hit Ireland last year and his contracting business began to suffer. Brian has ten years experience draining golf courses and football pitches and knew that he wanted to stay in the industry. Shelton introduced Brian to Marcel and in November 2011 Brian emigrated to Skye in Australia to start work as foreman for Hendriksen Contractors!

For more information please contact: www.sheltonsdrainage.com or Hendriksen Contractors, 510 Hall Rd, Skye VIC 3977, Australia , 0418 539 190

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