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Nastek GlassesTechnology developed by NASA scientists, now lets you spot stressed turf close up or at a distance, with plenty of time to react to correct unhealthy conditions.

These unique lenses block out green colour reflected from chlorophyll in healthy turf, causing it to look black or gray. Since the human eye is so sensitive to light in the green colour range, any off green colour(s) (caused by disease, water, or pests) will stand out against the black background as glowing red, coral, pink or other hueNastek.jpgs …allowing problem turf to be quickly identified. What was invisible is now seen.

The NASTEK Plant Stress Detection lens is an optical filter designed to work with most cameras. It is a round 72mm optical lens. Most prescription lenses start out this size then are cut down to fit into frames. We have used the filter on many different cameras, e.g, film, digital and digital video. Because there are so many different camera lenses available, you may have to adapt the lens to fit your camera. Cameras can be used on the ground from aerial platforms.

Lenses from NASA technologyThe NASTEK PSD filter works well with most digital cameras, both still and digital video. Sometimes you have to be a little Nastek on a cameracreative in attaching the filter. Shown on left is a NIKON 5000 with a telephoto adaptor... the filter fits right inside the lip of the adaptor. With many still digital cameras like the NIKON 5000, the camera lens is a zoom lens and extends out of the camera body when the camera is powered up. Just add an adaptor for a wide angle lens attachment and you can attach the filter out of the movement range of the lens. With the Canon GL-1 digital video camera, we simply put the filter inside the lens hood and attached with a small amount of silicon calk. It goes in and out without any trouble. A higher end digital video camera with three colour CCD's does a better job than an analogue camera. Generally you have to adjust the while balance and image density on the camera. Typically we underexpose the images by about one f-stop and obtain excellent results.

The PSD lens may not look like anything special, but it is! Millions of research dollars went into the PSD lens/filter. It allows you to see plant stress long before you can see it with the naked eye. On a camera, it can helps provide Nastek lens from a planecritical DATA. If the camera is mounted in an aircraft, large areas can be photographed and analysed. Subsequent flights can document changes.


  • "NASTEK™ glasses have truly revolutionised our daily operations. We use them to spot potential turf concerns before they become serious problems. It's like looking into the future!"

John Eby Nastek glasses showing fusarium
Horseshoe Lake Golf Course
Port Orchard, Washington

  • "This technology makes me take a closer look at my course. I now target areas, spot what's happening, and take corrective action. I am revamping my integrated pest management program because of what I can see with these glasses." Nastek glasses showing you whats really there

Adam Harrison
Pine Ridge Country Club
Edgefield, South Carolin
Nastek Glasses
Research Funded by NASA and U.S. Department of Nastek Glasses used for plant stressAgriculture. Our NASA Space Act Agreement gives us the exclusive right to commercialise this exciting new technology.

Nastek glasses used for spraying

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