0 Bank mowing can kill

Etesia say recent reports of operators losing their lives in bank mowing accidents have triggered a high demand for demonstrations of their Attila A180 all-terrain ride-on mower.

Etesia's UK General Manager, Les Malin, says, "It is tragic that fatal accidents of this kind can occur in an age when purpose-built bank mowers are so readily available. The big mistake is to use a standard ride-on mower for maintaining steep slopes - they can easily become unstable on gradients, putting the operator at great risk." he explains, "A very large number of commercial end users are realizing that employing the wrong machine for the job is a costly exercise, especially in cases where charges of corporate manslaughter could be raised against the bosses."

Whatever the angle of the site, Etesia's Attila A180's unique automatic self-leveling system keeps the central driving unit upright, allowing the operator to work safely on slopes up to 27 degrees. A dashboard light warns when this limit is reached. The machine has a certified ROPS plus hydrostatic drive, power steering and good all-round visibility.

Powered by a 3-cylinder 30hp Yanmar diesel engine, Attila A180's 180cm cutting width comes from two fully floating wheeled rotary decks which adjust independently to all angles for mowing in ditches, over crowns and hillocks. This rugged rotary is highly suited to heavy-duty scrub clearance on large sites with slopes and uneven ground.

Local authorities, commercial end users and forestry managers need to know that when it comes to bank work, Attila A180 is a dedicated all-terrain mower that combines efficiency with maximum safety. D

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