0 Barenbrug Seminar tackles grass seed for Sports Turf

Falkirk seminar The main speaker at the event was Nico van Vuuren, from Stadium Grow Lighting. Nico's presentation focused on how mobile lighting rigs have worked wonders at leading sports stadia throughout the UK. Since they were first successfully trialled at The Stadium of Light, Sunderland, in 2004, their use has spread rapidly throughout Holland and the UK.

"The SGL lighting system can help turf managers achieve optimal grass growth under any condition in any stadium, even during the winter months" explained Nico. "It controls all growth factors such as light, temperature, CO2, water and nourishment to deliver superb results."

Also speaking at the seminar was Jayne Leyland of Barenbrug UK, who presented the latest temperature germination results carried out by the company. She also talked about how Barenbrug helped to rejuvenate Falkirk Stadium's pitch with a grass seed mixture containing Bartender smooth-stalked meadowgrass. Bartender germinates and establishes very quickly in cool soil temperatures which made it ideal for the short, eight-week renovation window at Falkirk. Bartender is the only smooth-stalked meadowgrass available that has this unique characteristic.

Gerard van 't Klooster, from Barenbrug Research, also gave a presentation which covered the breeding of grass varieties for the Scottish climate.

Photo caption: Pictured (left to right are): Gerard van 't Klooster and Jayne Leyland, from Barenbrug; Nico van Vuuren, SGL, and Billy Nimmo, Barenbrug.

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