0 BASIS launches NSK Amenity Training Course

BASIS are pleased to announce the launch of the NSK Amenity Training Course, a new bespoke course for storekeepers working in industries within the amenity sector, for example lawn care, property maintenance, greenkeeping and sports turf management. This new qualification has been fully accredited by Harper Adams University and is being recognised by CRD as a Certificate of Competence for any professional storekeeper working within the amenity sector.

BASIS have been successfully delivering training and qualifications for storekeepers working within professional pesticide stores for the past 35 years through our industry recognised Nominated Storekeeper (NSK) Training Course. Not only has this provided storekeepers with the training they require as stipulated within UK regulations and the Code of Practice for suppliers of pesticides (The Yellow Code), but has also allowed professionals to learn the principles of good storekeeping which ensures pesticides are stored in a way which protects the general public, safeguards the environment and avoids the pollution of water.

However, it has been recognised that there is a requirement for a NSK training course which is specifically targeted at storekeepers working within industries such as lawn care, sports turf management, greenkeeping and all other areas within the amenity sector. Ensuring that professional pesticides are stored in a responsible way is extremely important across all industries and anyone responsible for this is required to complete adequate training. However, the current NSK training course did not necessarily meet all the requirements for a storekeeper working within the amenity sector. This new course has therefore been developed to provide the specific knowledge and skills required, focussing on areas such as managing small pesticide stores, mobile storage and the storage of application equipment.

Further information about this course can found in the course information sheet and syllabus which provides details on the course content, training requirements and assessment guidelines. Training courses for the NSK Amenity qualification will be run online starting from August 2021, and each training course is carried out over 2-3 days. If you would like any further information or would like to book any delegates on to a training course, then please visit basis-reg.co.uk/training or email training.courses@basis-reg.co.uk.

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