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Wessex Batwing Image 5A Inset ADJUSTWhere there are large areas of grass to be cut you want the highest efficiency in a mower. From set-aside maintenance and stubble chopping, to amenity or airport grass, it's all in a day's work for the new Wessex range of heavy duty batwing mowers.

The brief was to design a high output rotary mower with a blade tip speed and up-turn on the blades to allow a superb cut at fast forward speeds. And these fit the brief precisely.

The Wessex batwings cover the ground fast so you get the most for your money from a range that suits tractors from 100hp upwards. There are five models from 4.8m to 8.0m and each will ensure even distribution of cut material across the width of the machine without swathing. The Wessex ST-480 and ST-540 have three rotors and six wheels as standard with the other models offering the option of six and eight wheeled versions with five rotors. The six wheeled mowers feature independent suspension on each wheel, while on the eight wheeled model pivoting axles allow smooth travel over rough terrain. All blade assemblies are mounted directly on the output shaft of a heavy-duty gearbox protected by its own friction blade clutch.

The ST Series features a patented hydraulic levelling system which allows easy levelling of the machine regardless of the height of the tractor towing hitch. There's a simple hand pumped, hydraulic oil reservoir and linkage rod system to enable you to set the drawbar at the desired height so the mower is cutting level behind the tractor. The machine is lifted in and out of work hydraulically and the wings can float between -15º and +15º to allow the accurate following of ground undulations. As we have come to expect from Wessex the heavy-duty deck fabrication comprises a massive box section sub-frame to provide integral strength, while a sheet steel plate above and below gives a clear, uncluttered deck free of residue build-up.

In transport mode the Wessex ST Series batwing mowers fold to 2.5m and past centre for safety and stability on the road. Smooth travel is ensured with hydro-pneumatic suspension and the machines come fully fitted with road-legal kits and safety reflective strips.


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