0 Bernhard Grinders launches innovative Turf Toolkit App

Designed to help you track and record turf health on your mobile device, storing all your critical information in one place.

App IconIn the increasingly competitive market of golf course management, time is always at a premium. Falling memberships make it more important than ever to ensure that your course is in prime condition, attracting more players than neighbouring facilities. Cost is also a consideration. Having a full complement of staff is often a luxury and increasingly greenkeepers and mechanics are forced to take on multiple roles. Planning and organisation becomes critical. Surprises such as mower breakdowns or unseasonal weather patterns can be extremely detrimental to club revenue. Bernhard and Company is hoping to make this task easier by launching a pocket greenkeeper. The Turf ToolkitTM is a mobile App available for both android and iOS devices. It helps keep a daily record of greens conditions, allowing you to focus on problem areas and ensure consistent playing conditions. It also assists you in mower set up and maintenance.

"We had the idea for the App following several recent customer visits. The maintenance teams were relying on a series of notes placed in phones, handwritten data on whiteboards, wall planners or pure memory. Nothing seemed to exist that allowed them to manage multiple activities in one location," says Diane Whitworth, Global Marketing Manager. "The Turf ToolkitTM App allows you to measure moisture and salinity levels, track stimp readings, manage your blade sharpening program and facilitate your maintenance program, all on one device"

With the Turf ToolkitTM users can input and track key data by green number, such as root and surface moisture, salinity, temperature changes, stimp readings, height of cut and mower direction. It can also produce charts to help spot anomalies. Within the next few weeks users will even be able to download all this vital information directly from their mobile device to their office workstation, allowing deeper analysis.

In addition Turf ToolkitTM gives direct access to Bernhard's support teams around the World, making it easy to quickly identify required spare parts and create a basket of goods that is emailed directly to your local Bernhard contact.

However, It's not just about grinder spares, the App squad has also collated available OEM mower specifications giving all mechanics ready access to recommended top and front face angles. Users can even locate OE part numbers for bedknives and reels.

Steven Nixon, Global Director of Sales, adds, "The aim of the App is to support greenkeepers, groundsmen and mechanics around the World in creating healthy turf, quality greens and consistent playing conditions. You don't have to be a Bernhard customer to use it. We discussed key features of the APP with a focal group of users for the initial launch. We hope to continue to build on its functionality. We want it to be a useful tool that is readily to hand, easy to access and interrogate. As such we look forward to all future feedback and recommendations. Bernhard has program and facilitate your maintenance program, all on one device"

For more information, visit www.bernhard.co.uk.

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