0 BLEC Global was pleased to join in co-hosting Turf Maintenance LIVE at Deeping Rangers FC

IMG 2688BLEC Global was pleased to join in co-hosting Turf Maintenance LIVE at Deeping Rangers FC, Peterborough on 12th and 13th May 2015.

The new two-day event was an opportunity for showcasing the latest technology and practices in turf maintenance with live demonstrations. BLEC joined Ransomes, Shelton and Wiedenmann for what was generally agreed to be a successful event. The feedback from visitors was that they enjoyed seeing the machinery being demonstrated and BLEC had some overseas customers who specifically came to see the equipment working on site - hands on.

They also wanted to spend time going through the product range and have placed orders for machinery, based on the demonstrations. Representatives from BIGGA also attended the show and the exhibitors thank Dave & Jill Holmes, who hosted the event at The Deeping Rangers Football Club, a great venue for it, and they appreciated all their support.

"We were delighted to join with the other manufacturers and exhibitors at this new event," says Gary Mumby, Managing Director of BLEC Global, "it's a really good opportunity for anyone involved in turf maintenance to see the latest innovations and equipment."

DSC00101BLEC displayed several machines from their range of specialised landscaping and turfcare equipment. The Cultipack Seeder offers an accurate seeding system with an output of up to 5,000 sq.m. per hour. It's now also available for European 2-wheel tractors. Equally, BLEC's Disc Seeder provides an efficient way of overseeding small and large areas with very little surface disturbance. The Groundbreaker is a one pass decompactor with wide applications in relieving compaction from golf greens to sports fields.

The BLEC Multivator is a unique sports turf renovation machine for simultaneous decompacting and top dressing that works on the principle of recycling buried soil. Specially designed blades lift the soil and root zone and incorporate it back into the root structure, saving time and money by eliminating the need for importing materials. Multiseeder 2 is a clever overseeder for working on both fine turf and turfed amenity areas, with floating twin spike rollers following the contours and saturating the surface with small holes ready to accept the seeds.

To cultivate, earth move, grade and rake in one pass, the BLEC Power Box Rake is the ideal solution with its long life carbide teeth and a rotor that pulverises the soil, separating the stones and debris. It's a multi-use quick fit attachment that suits the majority of European 2-wheel tractors of 6-8hp.

Joining the rest of the display was the BLEC Unispread Self Loading Topdresser which, with its hydraulically driven feed drum, gives the groundsman a quick, accurate and economical system for spreading sand or loam onto sports turf. The larger models can spread up to 100 tons per day. BLEC Global Ltd. 01778 346222 www.blec.co.uk

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