0 Book Review - Using Pesticides A complete guide to safe effective spraying

Book Review - Using Pesticides A complete guide to safe effective spraying

By Laurence Gale MSc


Using Pesticides is an essential and comprehensive guide to safe, effective spraying for spraying operatives, their managers and supervisors. The guide outlines practical steps in the selection and use of Pesticides. The guide gives valuable information set out in 12 chapters about the safe use and application of pesticides in the UK.

The Author:

The guide has been produced by The British Crop Protection Council (BCPC). BCPC (formerly known as the British Crop Protection Council) brings together as Corporate Members, representatives of a wide range of organisations with an interest in furthering the science and practice of crop production.

The research covered includes, the agrochemical industry, the services, contractors, distributors, education, agricultural engineering, plant breeding, biotechnology, overseas development, government and regulatory concerns. BCPC sets out to inform the scientific community, farmers, advisers and the general public on all issues affecting crop protection, by providing a wide range of publications.

Book contents:pesticides-image-book.jpg

1. Definitions
2. The Planned Approach.
3. Using the Product Label.
4. Keeping People Safe.
5. Applying Pesticides.
6. Environmental Issues.
7. Transporting Pesticides.
8. The Pesticide Store.
9. Disposal.
10. Keeping Records.
11. Emergency Procedures.
12. Further Information.


A very comprehensive guide offering plenty of in-depth information about the safe use of Pesticides, beginning with clear definitions about what a pesticide is, as defined by FEPA (The food and Environment Protection Act 1985) and other legal hierarchy that has been put in place to control the use of pesticides.

Chapter 1: Describes current regulations, product approvals and fields of use.

Chapter 2: Details information about how you access the risks involved when choosing to use Pesticides.

Chapter 3: Using and understanding Label instructions and information.

Chapter 4: Information about keeping people safe understanding COSHH regulations

Chapter 5: The application of Pesticides, choosing the right equipment.

Chapter 6: Protecting wildlife habitats, LERAP's.

Chapter 7: Transporting Pesticides, responsibilities, exemptions.

Chapter 8: Safe storage of Pesticides, type of storage required, signage, ventilation and security arrangements.

Chapter 9: Pesticide waste, what and how to deal with it. Safe Disposal.

Chapter 10: Keeping records, how long, Health Surveillance.

Chapter 11: Emergency Procedures, First Aid, Dealing with spillage.

Chapter 12: Further Information, Useful Contact details.

The guide utilises tables, diagrams and photographs well, to illustrate and demonstrate relevant information. The guide is a very useful resource to have and use when you are considering using pesticides in the environment. The guide also provides plenty of useful contact numbers of other organisations involved with the safe delivery of Pesticides.

Other information:

Published 1999 (183 pages).

The Book can be obtained from BCPC Price: £10.00.

Published by The British Crop Protection Council (BCPC), 49 Downing Street, Farnham, Surrey GU9 7PH.

Tel - 01252 733072


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