0 Boost for root mass at Hinckley Golf Club

A carefully-planned turf nutrition and treatment programme utilising three key Everris products has produced a sustained rise in the health, condition and playing standard of greens at Hinckley Golf Club in Leicestershire.

Implemented by course manager, Dougie Johnstone, when he joined the club in spring 2011, the programme is now an essential part of the fine turf treatment routine followed each year during the main growing season.

Comprising Greenmaster Spring & Summer 12-4-6+TE liquid fertilizer, Primo Maxx plant growth regulator and Vitalnova (previously Greenmaster) Blade bio-stimulant, the three complementary products used within the programme are being applied within a tank mix every four weeks from April through to September.

The improvements brought to the greens over the past two years mirror Dougie's experiences at the Wentworth Club, where he worked on the West Course under course manager, Chris Kennedy, prior to joining Hinckley Golf Club.

"The over-riding aim is to produce and maintain healthy turf and putting surfaces of the highest possible quality," points out Dougie. "I have been applying this particular Everris package regularly for more than five years and have achieved exceptional results using a combination of products that complement each other extremely well. The improvements in the quality of our putting surfaces speak for themselves."

While Greenmaster Spring & Summer liquid fertilizer and Primo Maxx growth regulator are suitable for use individually or together to help produce first-class turf quality, the inclusion of Vitalnova Blade bio-stimulant within the tank mix adds a further beneficial dimension, helping invigorate root-residing micro-organisms and boost rootzone health and nutrient uptake.

"Normally, one would not apply Blade on its own," commented Dougie. "When used as part of a turf maintenance programme in combination with Greenmaster Liquid and Primo Maxx, it helps improve sward density, vigour and overall health by getting the soil bacteria working to optimum effect."

Comprising a carefully-selected mix of carbohydrates, seaweed and micronutrients, Vitalnova Blade has been found in trials to increase root mass and beneficial bacteria levels by up to 40% and 50% respectively.

By stimulating root-dwelling microbes, Vitalnova Blade promotes soil nutrient recycling and the secretion of plant growth compounds, helping inject new life into the soil to encourage the uptake of nutrients for enhanced root and foliar health.

Vitalnova Blade is available from Everris distributors in pack sizes of 10 litres and 200 litres.

Vitalnova Blade is the new name for Greenmaster Blade, bringing the product designation into line with Everris branding used in other parts of Europe. Although the name has changed, the composition and analysis of the product remain unchanged.


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