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stafford bowling greens 033.jpgAsk any member of a bowls club what they want from their green… the most common answer will be… to bowl a wood that runs true and smoothly over the surface. Bowls greens which have been regularly topdressed provide a truer, smoother playing surface.

Bowls green topdressing is a blend of sports sand, soil and organic matter it is heat treated and screened below 2mm. The regular application of a thin layer of topdressing work will help improve the playing and performance characteristics of the green.

The Benefits of Topdressing.

· Smooth, level true running surface
· Helps prevent the build-up of thatch
· Relieves compaction
· Increases soil oxygen
· Improve microbial activity
· Improve seed germination rate
· Improve seedling establishment
· Improve root development
· Reduces plant disease
· Improve and maintain rootzone texture
· Improve playability
· Improves drainage

Topdressing is used in conjunction with aeration and scarification programmes and helps reduce and prevent the build up of thatch and the associated problems of poor drainage, black layer, reduced soil oxygen and slow, soft, spongy greens. When over-seeding, topdressing helps improve seed germination rates by providing a favourable growing media, partially covering and preventing the grass seed from drying out.

Application rates

The amount of topdressing to apply will depend on the amount of aeration work being carried out such as : coring, slicing, spiking, verti-draining etc.

Topdressing application rates

Type of aeration

Kg per m2

Tonnes needed for a 1500 m2 Bowls green





2- 4

3 - 6


4- 6

6 - 9

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