1 Boys in the Lads Mag

Boys in the Lads Mag

Not content with being pin-ups with Pitchcare, 3 of our top rugby boys have decided to expose their talents in the national Lads Magazine - Maxim.

In the January edition (due out next week??), Dave Powell (Northampton), Keith Kent(Twickenham) and Chris Parry(Harlequins) are interviewed. Each month, in their sports section, Maxim do a small profile on a group of 3 people who make a major contribution to top sport without actually playing. They've done football groundsmen before and, for the latest issue, it's rugby groundsmen.

The article appears on page 200, and there are pictures of all 3 of the lovely lads. Each were asked 3 three questions:

- what's the best thing to have happened on your pitch

- what's the worst thing that's happened on your pitch

- describe rugby in three words

I've not seen the article yet, so you will have to read it yourselves to find out if they kept their responses to purely sporting issues!

If you cannot wait to see the boys in their full glory, click on this link to view all 3 (and the rest of the Pitchcare pin-ups). Could be a calendar in the making!!

NB - Full marks to Maxim for recognising, and publishing, the work of the people in the behind the scenes teams.

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