0 British Seed Houses’ new Vitamix service.

harrogate 2011 044Visitors to BTME 2011 have enjoyed the first opportunity to access a fertiliser solution tailored to their specific needs with the launch of British Seed Houses' new Vitamix service.

Every golf course or sports pitch is individual, so British Seed Houses has introduced Vitamix, a new tank mix which provides a dedicated fertiliser formulation to meet its individual requirements.

Vitamix is a finely-honed tank mix of British Seed Houses' fertilisers with Kick wetting agent. After assessing the issues and requirements for a particular turf application, British Seed Houses' fertiliser experts then create a tailored Vitamix plan to suit.

Mixes could include Vitanica P3, a liquid NK plus trace elements fertiliser, Vitanica MC, which combines N, P &K with trace elements and kelp, and Ferro Top, a concentrated iron fertiliser.

Example programmes are:

Vita 1: with Vitanica P3 and Ferro Top for general vitality and colour.

Vita 2: with Vitanica P3, Vitanica MC and Ferro Top to give greens an extra boost before competition.

Vita 3: with a higher concentration of Vitanica P3, along with Vitanica MC and Ferro Top to help guard against disease in challenging conditions.

Vita 4: with Vitanica MC and Ferro Top to offer trace nutrients and improve colour and growth.

Vita 5: using a lower level of Vitanica P3, along with Vitanica MC and Ferro Top to aid growth and offer extended intervals between fertiliser applications.

Vitanica RZ Vitanica Si

These programmes have already been tried and tested at the highest level; the Vitality cocktail offered by Vita 2 was successfully used to produce superb playing surfaces at the Football World Cup in 2006.

The range of British Seed Houses fertilisers is ever-expanding and two brand new products have also been launched at the show.

Vitanica RZ is an organic-mineral NPK fertiliser with a very special ingredient. Bacillus Subtilis inhibits the spread of pathogens, leading to increased vitality of the plant and reduced susceptibility to disease.

This unique product is ideal for use at any time of year, but especially when disease pressure is highest, such as the autumn.

Resistance to disease as well as heat and drought stress is also offered by Vitanica SI which has a very high silica content for strong, durable turf, by helping the roots to build up stores of silicate.

British Seed Houses' Richard Brown said: "As a leading turf seed breeder, we are in a unique position to offer greenkeepers and groundsmen expert advice on how to care for their grass. Now we are extending this to include specialist formulations from our extensive fertiliser range, tailored to their precise conditions and requirements. Our research programme also continues to offer an expanded range, so with Vitanica RZ and Vitanica SI launched at the show, the range of fertiliser options for turf professionals grows ever wider."

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