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Broome Manor Golf Complex, part of Swindon Borough Council's leisure facilities, recently upgraded their equipment wash-off area by installing a Waste2Water Recycling Wash-Off System. "Along with the majority of golf courses our wash-off area was well overdue for improvement", commented David Buckingham, General Manager. "As a local authority owned golf course we feel it is very important to be taking a lead in environmental consideration and ensuring we are complying with the new Groundwater legislation."

The Waste2Water system was the perfect answer as the maintenance yard naturally slopes, enabling the system to be retro-fitted using the existing wash-off pad with minimal cost and disruption. Additional space was also allowed for installation of a new Diesel Fuel Station so that any refuelling spillages are treated by the Waste2Water system.

In addition to ensuring compliance with the new legislation the Waste2Water system is also "Drought-Proof". The system reduces water usage by a massive 90+% and is fully authorised for use even in drought restricted areas, ensuring wash-off operations can continue irrespective of the extent of future drought conservation measures.

"The Waste2Water system has transformed our facility", added David. "It looks superb and I am very impressed by the quality of the recycled water. The above ground system is easy to maintain and you can see what is going on, which I prefer. If any clubs in the area would like to view our system we will be delighted to welcome them."
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