4 BS-110 Quad bike from Branson UK

Up the hills-down the shops on the BS-110 Quad bike from Branson UK


Recently launched by Branson UK, the Centurion road-legal quad bike bridges the gap between off-road and on-road quad bikes.Branson UK have a whole range of bikes, scooters and quads and their new road legal machine is finding great interest from bike enthusiasts looking for an off road fun bike with the convenience of road legal transport.

Rated at 110cc, the Centurion has a four-stroke air cooled engine that will cruise easily at 30 mph with its restrictor in place ensuring maximum fuel efficiency and minimum points on your licence.

Four speed semi automatic gearing and front/rear drum brakes deal with the slow, slow, quick, quick, slow dance of city traffic, and when eventually the quad has to be refuelled, the 7.6 litre tank takes just over a fiver's worth of petrol.

Gordon Brown's loss is a Centurion owners gain when they consider their new purchase from Branson UK has only cost them £1825 on the road including tax, registration and number plates.

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