0 BSH offers Floranid fertilisers alongside core seed range

Compo.jpgBritish Seed Houses now offers the full range of Floranid slow-release fertilisers to compliment its comprehensive seed range.

Slow-release fertilisers provide a steady supply of nutrients to the grass plant over an extended period of time and the Floranid range from Compo Professional is based on Isodur®, the registered trade mark used as part of their slow-release technology.

In normal soluble compound fertilisers, nitrogen is quickly released into the soil creating rapid growth which is not conducive to good quality turf, as well as being leached into water courses causing pollution. Isodur technology creates a slow-release nitrogen molecule. In this way the microbial activity of converting nitrogen into ammonium and nitrates ready for plant uptake is slowed down resulting in a more controlled and continuous supply to the plant. As an analogy, it's like eating pasta for sustained energy for running a marathon as opposed to taking a sugary drink which provides a quick boost but the effect is short lived.

Instead of being supplied as a blend, each of the granules in Floranid fertilisers contain NPK, Isodur and all nutrients ensuring even distribution and a uniform result.

Simon Taylor, BSH's Amenity Director explained their decision: "We've sold fertiliser alongside our core product range for more than 25 years, but technology has moved on and there's increasing demand for specialist fertilisers, especially in golf."

"As a company, we promote environmental care and responsibility alongside the use of our seed and this is one of the reasons we chose the slow-release range. When controlled-release fertilisers are used on close-mown turf like golf greens, the resin-coating can be worn away by regular greens maintenance, leading to a build-up of oil-based resins in the soil profile, possible leaching into water-courses and the premature release of nutrients to the plant. The use of the 'Isodur' slow-release urea rather than a coating prevents this and we believe that this range of fertilisers is the best product to offer our customers.

The full range is available now. Further details are available by visiting www.bshamenity.com and clicking on the Compo banner on the homepage. All BSH products are available to buy online or from your regional advisor.

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