0 Buffalo's migrate far and wide

Buffalo's migrate far and wide

By Editor

Spring may come late this year but the Buffalo herds are once more migrating south, from Scotland, down through England &buff34.jpg

The Buffalo's in question are the range of professional cylinder mowers manufactured by Allett Mowers Ltd. in Arbroath, on the east coast of Scotland. They were named after the Buffalo's of the American plains because they are big and strong and eat a lot of grass. Just like their hairy relatives they do the job with very little effort, with the engine running slowly to reduce noise, vibration and air pollution.

The big 34" models are to be found grazing on Premier and Football League pitches and large lawns where the rubber covered rear roller provides a beautifully striped finish. Their smaller 24" & 27" cousins are more likely to settle with Local Authorities and Contractors, for cutting everything from cemeteries and traffic islands to formal lawns. There is even a variety with wheels at the back to give rear discharge; this machine will cut 8" grass down to a 1/2" in one pass, spreading the clippings evenly behind it.

Allett have recently introduced the Viceroy, this is a pedestrian controlled cylinder machine, with a Hydrostatic drive. It is designed for cutting verges and general amenity areas for Local Authorities and Contractors. The drive to the cutter is hydraulic which enables the cutting head to be easily removed for service by unplugging 2 quick release couplings and removing 6 bolts. The large diameter pneumatic wheels give the machine excellent grip and stability for climbing and traversing slopes.

For further information on the Allett range of mowing equipment please call Roy Allett on T: + 44 01241 437740 or e-mail sales@allett.co.uk

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