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Campey at Saltex

Complete Turf renovation in one pass


Completely renovating 18 golf greens in one day may sound like a tall order, but that is what can be achieved with the Koro Field Top Maker Unit, when fitted with a special scarifying reel.

This new development was launched at IOG Saltex this week on the Campey Turf Care Systems stand, who distribute the Koro range of cost-effective equipment in the UK.

The Koro Field Top Maker is available in 1.2m and 2m wide versions. Fitted with the scarifying reel, it can treat fine turf at spacings of 20mm or 40mm, using 1.5m or 3mm carbide tipped blades. Its integral conveyor simultaneously removes material directly into a trailer alongside for operational efficiency.

Depth of operation is easily adjusted via screw jacks on each roller, from 1-50mm. A mid-mounted anti-scalp roller allows the machine to float over undulations.

The Koro Field Top Maker requires a tractor of 27hp or more to power it, with hydrostatic drive or a creep gearbox.

The Field Top Maker comes from a broad line-up of Koro attachments developed to maximise the playing potential of sports turf. Designed by a professional Sports Turf Manager, each machine helps to rejuvenate tired turf mechanically, with little or no man-made chemicals.

"We use Koro units, including the Field Top Maker, in our sister grounds care contracting operations," says Managing Director Richard Campey. "Our clients are delighted with the results they achieve, and this new scarifying reel extends the machine's potential still further."



Groundscare professionals faced with overused and waterlogged turf need a comprehensive but speedy solution to restore playing quality. Campey Turf Care systems is offering an ideal answer in the shape of the Imants Evolution, a tractor-drawn unit that combines a deep cultivation and aeration action with the ability to leave a perfect seedbed, in one operation.

This high work-rate attachment was shown on the Campey stand at IOG Saltex. The company has exclusive distribution rights for the product in the UK and Eire.

Available in 2.25m width for the amenity market, the Evolution requires a 4WD tractor of 100-120hp. At its heart is a transversely mounted rotor shaft fitted with banks of 'spade' blades. These power through the ground to a maximum depth of 35cm (14in) breaking up the soil and alleviating compaction.

A further enhancement is the rear-mounted 'spiro' seedbed consolidator. This firms up the treated soil and leaves a level surface ready for sowing.

Because the Evolution achieves so much in a single pass, the tillage effect is minimised. The special spading action avoids the creation of a poorly draining pan in the ground, and as the soil is broken up gently without the pulverisation that other machines can cause, its natural structure is kept intact.

The Evolution's action also helps to integrate top-dressings, green waste compost, fertilisers and other treatments into the rootzone, improving soil composition. This is particularly important for end-of-year renovation of heavily used soccer grounds, where substantial quantities of sand need to be mixed into the pitch.

The efficient working action of the Evolution means that forward speeds of more than 3mph can be achieved, giving faster results and greater productivity.

The Evolution's working action is designed to minimise the risk of wheel slip or smearing of wet soil, resulting in a uniform, decompacted rootzone.

The machine has the further recommendation of having become a stalwart in the fleet of Campey Turf Care Systems' sister grounds care contracting business.

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