0 Campey Turf Care shows unrivalled diversity

Campey Turf Care shows unrivalled diversity


In terms of diversity of machinery, few stands will match that of Campey Turf Care Systems at BTME 2005, running from 18-20 January in Harrogate. The innovative equipment supplier will promote its considerable line-up of cost-effective grounds care machinery, including new additions to the portfolio.

The Koro range of turf care equipment is designed to dramatically improve heavily used and waterlogged surfaces without major costs. Designed by a professional groundsman, they improve soil structure without undue reliance on man-made chemicals. The Field Topmaker has adjustable blades that skim off the top layer of soil, removing thatch and organic material. Deep vertical scarifying blades can also be fitted for linear aeration. Removed material is collected into an adjacent trailer via a hydraulically driven conveyor.

The machine is now available in a 1.2m wide version for tractors over 27hp, as well as the established 2m model. Also available is a new deep scarifying reel to renovate turf. It can work at spacings of 20mm or 40mm, using 1.5mm or 3mm carbide tipped blades.

The Koro Recycling Dresser aerates, de-compacts and top-dresses in one operation. Digging blades break up the soil to depths of 20cm, and then coulter blades are pulled through to improve surface drainage. Soil removed during the operation is re-distributed as a cost-effective top-dressing.

The Koro Top Drain cuts three trenches simultaneously, measuring 4cm wide, 20cm deep and 50cm apart. The machine then force-fills the channels with sand and the rear wheels firm the trenches. Final levelling can be achieved with a Koro Sleepraam Harrow.

New at BTME is the Dakota 414, an addition to the highly versatile Dakota Turf Tender line-up. This is a large capacity unit, holding some 6 tonnes or 4 cu yards of material, which attaches to tractors of 45hp and above. Electric/hydraulic controls give the operator fingertip control of the spinner and application belt to vary the spread width, and 4 x 20" turf tyres eliminate risk of marking.

The Dakotas boost productivity - a key feature for local authorities and contractors treating large areas or multiple sites.

The Raycam Speedresser 24 is a bulk drop-spreader with a 2.4m spreading width, powered by tractors of 60hp or above. It joins the Speedresser 18, which has a 1.8m working width and requires a 30-40hp tractor.

Another unit that can boost large-scale top-dressing operations is the Raycam Hi-Lift. Normally, when treating substantial areas, work has to be interrupted frequently to refill with sand. The Hi-Lift, which carries over 3.5 tonnes, can be powered by a 30hp tractor and is driven by the motive unit's auxiliary hydraulic services. The rear axle is raised quickly to discharge material from a maximum height of 1.48m into the user's top-dresser, enabling work to continue immediately.

Also on show will be the recently introduced Raycam Core Harvester, a tractor-towed unit that simplifies clearance after aeration work. Cores are gathered by guides at the side of the unit and collected via a floating head. An integral conveyor places the material into a 580-litre capacity, hi-tipping hopper.

To help create a true playing surface on fine turf, Raycam True Level vibrating greens rollers can be fitted in place of the cutting reels of popular greens mowers and used on newly seeded or turfed areas. A vibrating central roller evens out contours, while an outer roller simultaneously flattens any disturbed areas. The product can be used all year round. A new attachment, on show for the first time at BTME, will be the vibrating sorrel roller.

Campey Turf Care will also give full details of Tines Direct, a single source of supply for hollow tines, solid tines and cross tines for the major machinery brands, including Ransomes, Jacobsen, John Deere, Toro, Wiedenmann and Sisis. Conventional hardened tines are available, along with carbide-tipped versions for even greater durability. Tines Direct also offers verti-cut blades for leading machines, and replacement brush sections for popular sweeper/collectors.

With so much equipment to see on the Campey Turf Care stand at BTME, visitors should definitely allow themselves enough time to hear the full details.


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