0 Castle Douglas football pitches blasted

The State of two football pitches in Castle Douglas has come under fire.

Local teams are having problems using the park at Castle Douglas High School and another pitch at the town's Birkland Road.

Missing goalposts at the high school as well as poor drainage, long grass and rutted parks at both sites are among the issues people involved in the Stewartry footballing scene brought to the attention of the News.

And Kevin McAdam of Football First Fundraising, which was originally set up in a bid to improve the region's facilities, is glad that other people have started to notice the problems.

He said: "It's good to see others are finally waking up to the poor facilities that Castle Douglas and the Stewartry offer for football in the local area.

"There doesn't seem to be any regular maintenance work carried out at Birkland and the grass is cut once a fortnight.

"When I was involved with the Market Inn we sometimes had to play on the pitch with grass four to six inches long making it difficult for us to play our brand of passing football.

"I certainly couldn't see youth teams passing the ball on this surface."

Mr McAdam admitted he was initially disappointed with the response he received from the council and has now moved on to trying to raise money for other charities and to provide football training to disadvantaged youngsters.

He said: "Our aim is to eventually come back to the council as an experienced organisation working in the community, with a well known name, with weight behind it and look to work in partnership with them to raise funds to build changing rooms at Birkland Park.

"What we need is dedicated council officials who want to see these facilities improved and they themselves asking questions to higher authorities as to why our football facilities in Castle Douglas are lacking and are constantly bypassed for funding."

A council spokeswoman said: "Our council is currently taking specialist advice regarding a number of sports pitches in the region including Birkland Park in order to identify costs and solutions for resolving drainage issues.

"At Castle Douglas High School, the school would request goal posts to be erected or dismantled depending on their activities. At the moment they concentrate on athletics and don't have the posts erected.

"Due to the school using dual purpose posts suitable for rugby and football, they give this task to a contractor because they are very heavy. Once the athletics season is finished they will instruct the contractor to erect the posts."

Article sourced from :- Galloway News

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