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Security & Theft

In this first part of our two-part special on security and theft, we look at how machinery can be protected. In part two we study what grounds and clubs...

in Best of the Rest - on 26/3/10


The pursuit of harpyness

In his last article, Terrain Aeration’s David Green reported how he had fallen foul of VOSA regulations that hit him hard in the wallet. Well, since...

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In the deep mid winter...

As a nation we Brits are obsessed with the weather. It’s too hot, too cold, too wet, but never ‘just right’. And, with the media getting apoplectic...

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Chester Zoo

When a press release titled “Specialist turf for zoo” landed in our editor’s email inbox he was off on a ‘wild animal chase’, before you could...

in Best of the Rest - on 22/2/10


Grumpy meets VOSA

Terrain Aeration’s David Green has fallen foul of VOSA regulations that have hit him hard in the wallet. He claims that the tachograph regulations, originally...

in Best of the Rest - on 4/2/10

bernhards 009.jpg

Stephen Bernhard has been the very public face of Bernhard & Company over many years. But now, the trademark stripey jacket is about to be hung up as he...

in Best of the Rest - on 24/1/10


Victor Meldrew (aka Peter Britton) is alive and well and heading for Scotsturf!

in Best of the Rest - on 10/1/10


Anti Social Behaviour

Probably the most annoying insect on the planet, wasps have the ability to ruin any outside event just by their sheer persistence. Considered to be ‘social’...

in Best of the Rest - on 24/12/09


Leeds Castle

Tom James meets Estates Grounds Manager, James McConkie, who works and lives at one of Britain’s most beautiful historic settings, the imposing Leeds...

in Best of the Rest - on 5/12/09

Fairway Landrover Drayton.JPG

Why do pesticides perform so inconsistently, and what can you do to get better results and better value for money? By Alex Webster, Tower Sport

in Best of the Rest - on 9/11/09


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Battersea Park

Once a Victorian playground and site of the Festival of Britain, Battersea Park suffered neglect under the ‘management’ of the Greater London Council...

in Best of the Rest - on 24/10/09


A walk in the park

Public parks are familiar to most people today either because we make use of them in our daily lives or because we played in them as children. Every town...

in Best of the Rest - on 20/10/09


Much favoured by herbalists to cure a whole host of ailments, from the trivial to the downright life threatening, Common Knotweed or Knotgrass can be a...

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Under the entrepreneurial auspices of Lord March this dramatically beautiful corner of England has become, arguably, the country’s greatest sporting...

in Best of the Rest - on 25/8/09


Drayton Manor Theme Park

Drayton Manor is the UK’s largest, family owned, theme park, attracting more than one million visitors every year to ride Pandemonium, G-Force, Shockwave...

in Best of the Rest - on 14/8/09


Hedge Law

Is your boundary hedge having an adverse effect on your immediate neighbour’s enjoyment of their property? Since 2005, Local Authorities have had the...

in Best of the Rest - on 14/6/09


Warranties and Guarantees - Are they worth the paper they are printed on?

in Best of the Rest - on 26/5/09


British Rootzone and Topdressing Association ensure consistent and repeatable standards of rootzone and topdressing.

in Best of the Rest - on 24/5/09


Who are you? David Bateman (31) Assistant Greenkeeper at West Wilts Golf Club, Groundsman at Warminster Cricket Club and Wicketkeeper/Batsman for Warminster...

in Best of the Rest - on 10/4/09