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A brief history ...

In part one of a two part article, Maxwell Amenity Technical Manager John Handley provides a brief history and analysis of the current situation surrounding...

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Wetting agent project

Producing the top-quality turf needed for high-level sports requires a keen focus on turf maintenance and inputs. All applications of water and nutrients...

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ICL 'Plus' points

ICL has announced the launch of two new additions to its leading range of SierrablenPlus fertilisers. The new products – “Renovator” 11-11-5 + 4CaO...

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TriSmart makes difference

Stuart Hogg, Course Manager at The West Lancashire Golf Club, believes that ICL’s H2Pro TriSmart provides him with everything he requires from a wetting...

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New H2Pro SaltSmart

ICL has announced the launch of an exciting new addition to its leading range of H2Pro wetting agents – H2Pro “SaltSmart”.

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Precision sprayer launch

John Deere is revolutionising spraying applications on amenity turf with the new GPS PrecisionSprayer, available exclusively for use with the ProGator...

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Pesticides post-Brexit

The Government has issued guidance to manufacturers and users of Plant Protection Products (PPPs) on what action they need to take now to minimise any...

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Keith Gallacher awarded

The prestigious title of Amenity Sprayer Operator of the Year (ASOY) has been won by Keith Gallacher, Head of Complete Weed Control South West and East...

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Two more BASIS Advisors

Maxwell Amenity have furthered their commitment to providing customers with agronomic advice of the highest quality by supporting two members of the technical...

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Japanese Knotweed

The Science and Technology Committee are holding an oral evidence session in early 2019, specifically to explore the science behind the effects of Japanese...

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Syngenta at BTME 2019

Syngenta will be giving turf managers the chance to win a professional PAR light meter every day at BTME 2019 - to scientifically measure useable light...

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ICL at BTME 2019

ICL, who can be found at Stand 426 in the Purple Zone, will be showcasing a range of new products and innovative technologies at BTME 2019.

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ICL helps Shrewsbury

With an incredibly short renovation window to transform his Summer sports pitches into Winter sports pitches, Andy Richards, Grounds Manager at Shrewsbury...

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Loss of Propiconazole

The EU Commission has announced its decision not to renew the approval for the fungicide active ingredient, propiconazole.

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Propiconazole going!

The EU Commission has announced its decision not to renew the approval for the fungicide active ingredient, propiconazole

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Glyphosate roadshows

Complete Weed Control has announced a series of roadshow events to provide essential guidance for the amenity sector dealing with the application...

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Disease Management at BGC

In a period where turf is highly susceptible to disease, Bridgnorth Head Greenkeeper, Martin Jones and Maxwell Amenity Technical Manager, John Handley...

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GC Turf Rewards

Sam Young, Course Manager at West Malling Golf Club in Kent, has seen an improvement in the efficacy of his spraying operations since claiming the Team...

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