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LockStar label update

ICL has announced an update to the UK label of its residual herbicide, LockStar, which will provide users with more effective and flexible weed...

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2020 Acelepryn authorised

The Emergency Authorisation for the use of the Syngenta insecticide, Acelepryn, for the control of chafer grubs has been reapproved for the 2020...

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New GDD Calculator

A new Syngenta GreenCast Growing Degree Day calculator is set to provide turf managers with a more accurate tool to help make better decisions on timing...

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Sustainable soils legacy

When Martin Ward launched Symbio with his brother David thirty years ago, it’s fair to say that their natural approach to soil and turf management was...

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New fertilizer from ICL

New for 2020, SierraformGT CalMag is a homogenous slow release fertilizer supplying calcium, magnesium and trace elements for turf growth and all-round...

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COVID-19 Ed Carter

We spoke to Ed Carter, Sales & Development Manager for ICL to find out how they have adapted their working practices during the COVID-19 pandemic

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Knapsack workout

Here’s a novel way to keep you - and your knapsack sprayer - fit for the fight against weeds and moss

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Look for the Standard

Following its launch, the Amenity Standard is receiving widespread and enthusiastic support from all sides of the amenity sector and is already being incorporated...

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New research project

A new research project is set to provide vital answers to the pressing questions of ‘Managing turf under lockdown.’ Crucially, the results will be...

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ICL’s LockStar

ICL has announced that LockStar - a new residual, pre-emergent total herbicide for vegetation management, is now available in Ireland.

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ICL organo-mineral

ICL has announced the launch of Gronamic - a new range of organo-mineral fertilizers. The Gronamic range comprises various analyses and particle sizes...

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COMPO EXPERT GmbH, a European market leader in fertiliser production, has appointed Matthew Williams as National Account Manager for Turf to increase the...

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Preparing knapsacks

Knapsack and handheld sprayers both have maintenance demands to keep them operating sweetly. The knapsack sprayer is overlooked as a tool despite its importance...

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Valdor Flex label update

The residual herbicide, Valdor Flex, has received a label update, extending usage periods and application areas, providing contractors with an opportunity...

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BASIS relax CPD rules

With much of the country working from home and most industry events cancelled, BASIS has taken the decision to relax its CPD requirements for Professional...

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Award winning application

Paul Gater, First Assistant and spraying specialist at Caldy Golf Club, has won the prestigious title of Amenity Sprayer Operator of the Year, presented...

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New broadcast spreader

SCH's new GAM73 broadcast spreader features a 73L hopper and is suited for fertiliser, seed and salt

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New ICL Product Guide

Redesigned from the ground up, the new ICL Turf & Landscape Product Guide includes an up-to-date listing of products and an abundance of useful information...

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