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New Techneat sprayer

Cambridgeshire based manufacturer Techneat Engineering now offer the Acuspray Solo, a new pedestrian sprayer, aimed at the professional grounds-person...

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It could be you?

BASIS is seeking to recruit a new Chairperson for the BASIS FACTS Advisory Committee, starting in March 2020

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Syngenta Glenn Kirby

New Application Academy

The pioneering world-first Syngenta Application Academy will give turf managers and sprayer operators the chance to delve into the world of precision...

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John Moverley3

2020 Updating Events

2020 is set to be a year of much challenge and change for all operating across the important and diverse amenity sector. This is especially true for all...

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Glenn Kirby with water sensitive paper test.jpg

Hit the target

Syngenta Technical Manager Glenn Kirby explains the science behind sprayer nozzle choice to hit the target.

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Sherriff the ideal tonic

George Stephens, course manager at Tiverton Golf Club in Devon, claims that Sherriff Amenity has provided him with the ideal tonic to help the greens combat...

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Bayer's supportive role

Greenkeepers are crucial to a golf course’s success, but inevitably a helping hand is sometimes required to maintain playability throughout the year...

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ICL at BTME 2020.jpg

ICL on course for BTME

ICL is preparing for a busy BTME 2020 when the show takes place at the Harrogate Convention Centre on 21-23 January

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Sherriff Amenity at BTME.JPG

A hole in one at BTME

Sherriff Amenity will be on Stand 164 in the Blue Zone at BTME 2020 and visitors can look forward to new product information, refreshments and will also...

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Bayer - 42,700 claims!

Bayer is now facing 42,700 compensation claims, mostly in US courts. CEO Werner Baumann is calling for an “economically-viable” settlement of these...

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John Moverley3

Back to basics

This was the clear message emerging from a panel discussion on amenity management, held at Saltex recently, and chaired by John Moverley from the Amenity...

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ICL LockStar Label.jpg

ICL launches LockStar

ICL has announced the launch of LockStar - a new residual, pre-emergent total herbicide for vegetation management in the UK

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Lewis Blois, Bayer national account manager.jpg

Herbicide resistance

Bayer has brought a new residual pre-emergence herbicide to the UK market, adding another product to the amenity contractor’s armoury.

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Frost and Microdochium

We’re reaching that time of year when we start hoping for some decent frosts. A sustained period of cold weather will really help slow the progress of...

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Armorgard -rsz_tb2_front-left_lid-open_with-tools2.jpg

Armorgard arrives ...

Armorgard is a leading innovator for solutions that improve safety, productivity and efficiency. The selection of products at Saltex represents the Armorgard...

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Rare JK hybrid found

A team of Swansea University scientists have discovered a rare Japanese knotweed hybrid in south Wales

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Symbio appointment

Well-known in the industry, Gareth Rogers has been appointed by Symbio as Technical Sales Manager in Scotland.

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ICL delivers the remedy

Harry Cannon, Course Manager at Sand Martins Golf Club in Berkshire, believes that a range of ICL products have significantly helped the tees to combat...

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