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Turf and a hard place

The ongoing dilemma between presenting to high standards and addressing stakeholders’ environmental concerns is especially striking when it comes to...

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Aspen make improvements

Newark Golf Club are one of a growing list of UK courses discovering the many benefits that Aspen Fuel brings.

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Spring Clean Weeds

The new herbicide, Overtake, from Syngenta gives the chance to clean out broad-leaved weeds in turf this spring.

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Green light for Grass

One of the UK's most prolific grass-breeding programmes will keep developing new varieties for the 2040s and beyond following a renewed agreement.

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Science fertiliser change

The EU Fertilising Products Regulations (2019/1009) are driving significant changes in the supply of fertiliser, biostimulant and soil conditioner markets...

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ICL Revolution

ICL introduces a revolutionary biodegradable coating technology for its controlled release fertilisers (CRF) in the turf market: eqo.s® technology.

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GreenTek-BTME 2023

Leading turf care specialist GreenTek Solutions Limited will unveil the new Mega-Mix fertiliser mixing station on stand 244 at BTME 2023.

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Foamstream hits the mark

What started as a new non-herbicidal weed-control solution for the school at which he is Principal, has become a venture all of its own for Pat Galvin...

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Aspen make it cleaner

As one of the largest associations of its kind, Orwell Housing provides housing for more than 7,500 residents by managing over 4000 properties across East...

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Sustainable management of fine turf and sports turf surfaces doesn’t have to mean a compromise in visual merit or performance

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Tank mix for Houghwood

In less than a year, an ICL fortnightly tank-mix has radically improved the greens at Houghwood Golf Club according to Head Greenkeeper Michael...

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ICL/The Den

An ICL integrated turf management programme is helping Millwall Football Club’s new stadium pitch get off to the best possible start.

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ICL sustainable trio

The Course Manager at Hesketh Golf Club has revealed how three ICL products play a significant role in his sustainable approach to golf course...

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Sprayable in Winter

Climatic weather patterns continue to shift towards more frequent, heavier rainfall events and wetter winters. This coupled with hotter, drier summers...

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Lantra knapsack

Land-based Awarding Organisation Lantra has launched a short course to help heighten awareness of the key role that due care of knapsack sprayers plays...

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Foamstream an all-rounder

Switching to the non-herbicidal Foamstream system for total weed control hasn’t only brought benefit for the team at Tim Brooks Garden Services in terms...

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Sustane at Wildernesse

A greens programme from Suståne® has been praised for delivering sustainable, steady and healthy growth at Wildernesse Golf Club. After making the switch...

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Expert offers an insight

Experts from industry and academia will share knowledge and offer insight into the latest developments in the invasive weed control sector at an international...

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MM Seed set to impress

An impressive range of MM grass seed mixtures will be showcased at SALTEX 2022, and visitors will get the chance to find out how the innovative seed technology...

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Weedingtech hybrid power

Weedingtech, the world leaders in non-herbicidal weed control, will be returning to SALTEX with their revolutionary Foamstream product, with visitors to...

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