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Calls for reduction!

Environmentalists are calling for the UK government to match the European Union in reducing pesticide use by 50 percent by 2030

in Chemicals & Fertilisers - on 24/7/20

Red thread on fairway mr.jpg

Red thread control

A new approval for red thread on the Instrata Elite label has further extended the value of the important all-round Syngenta turf fungicide

in Chemicals & Fertilisers - on 23/7/20

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Glyphosate controversy

There’s no doubt that there has been controversy around glyphosate, and its use in the public sector. However, the active ingredient has been around...

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ICL turfgrass research

ICL has been collaborating with Bangor University on a unique research project which is exploring soil-plant interactions and fertiliser impact for turfgrass....

in Chemicals & Fertilisers - on 15/7/20

Primo Maxx offers opportunities to save on fairway mowing.jpg

Primo Maxx saving time

Greenkeepers and turf advisors can now find out the potential time and cost savings for individual courses using Primo Maxx II to reduce mowing requirements...

in Chemicals & Fertilisers - on 13/7/20


Grounds maintenance input

In this article, Daniel Ratling, BSc Hons. PCert TSC, Head Groundsman at Whitgift School in London, considers plant-soil interactions and how we turf managers...

in Chemicals & Fertilisers - on 13/7/20


In the spotlight

Prior to the launch of Agrovista Amenity, Martyn Parrish was a technical area sales manager for Maxwell Amenity. He had been in the role for two years...

in Chemicals & Fertilisers - on 12/7/20

ICL_Seaweed Trials

Could seaweed help?

More and more greenkeepers are talking about problems with parasitic nematodes affecting their turf. Seaweed could provide a sustainable, novel solution...

in Chemicals & Fertilisers - on 8/7/20

Government must recognise importance of amenity management

Amenity management

Speaking recently, the Chairman of the Amenity Forum, Professor John Moverley OBE, sought proper recognition by all sectors of government and opposition...

in Chemicals & Fertilisers - on 6/7/20

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Acelepryn reapproved

A further new Emergency Authorisation (EA) for the use of the Syngenta insecticide, Acelepryn, has been reapproved to target leatherjackets for the 2020...

in Chemicals & Fertilisers - on 3/7/20

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Familiar face returns

Turf managers in the South West of England will note the presence of a familiar face in the region after Neil Carter rejoined Symbio in a sales and advisory...

in Chemicals & Fertilisers - on 1/7/20

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LockStar label update

ICL customers in Ireland can look forward to more effective and flexible weed control after LockStar, a residual herbicide, was granted a label...

in Chemicals & Fertilisers - on 28/6/20


ICL completes trilogy

ICL have recently completed a trilogy of online webinars which explored a broad range of invasive species and offered several innovative solutions.

in Chemicals & Fertilisers - on 22/6/20

'Amenity Management - Planning for the Future' 2020 conference to go ahead

The Amenity Forum 2020

The Amenity Forum has announced that its 2020 Conference will go ahead on October 15th at the Kettering Conference Centre. The conference will also be...

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Pioneering research

ICL and Lancaster University joined forces in 2017 to conduct a first-time research into the effects of wetting agents on plant physiology.

in Chemicals & Fertilisers - on 31/5/20

ICL LockStar Label.jpg

LockStar label update

ICL has announced an update to the UK label of its residual herbicide, LockStar, which will provide users with more effective and flexible weed...

in Chemicals & Fertilisers - on 23/5/20

Cockchafer - May Bug mr.jpg

2020 Acelepryn authorised

The Emergency Authorisation for the use of the Syngenta insecticide, Acelepryn, for the control of chafer grubs has been reapproved for the 2020...

in Chemicals & Fertilisers - on 22/5/20

Glenn Kirby - GDD trials.jpg

New GDD Calculator

A new Syngenta GreenCast Growing Degree Day calculator is set to provide turf managers with a more accurate tool to help make better decisions on timing...

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Sustainable soils legacy

When Martin Ward launched Symbio with his brother David thirty years ago, it’s fair to say that their natural approach to soil and turf management was...

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Sierraform GT SpringSummer Calmag2.jpg

New fertilizer from ICL

New for 2020, SierraformGT CalMag is a homogenous slow release fertilizer supplying calcium, magnesium and trace elements for turf growth and all-round...

in Chemicals & Fertilisers - on 8/5/20