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GrasPro pitch management

Data has always been a part of professional sports turf. For decades grounds people have made notes on paper about their maintenance. As time passed, the...

in Consultancy - on 17/5/22


GrasPro analytics

Leading Greek turf consultants and laboratory, Grassform, is using GrasPro as their analytical tool of choice on Greek Super League pitches.

in Consultancy - on 14/4/22


You can be a Panel Beater

Yes, you can you be a panel beater. An interview panel beater. In this - his 100th article for Pitchcare magazine - Trainer and Accredited Interviewer...

in Consultancy - on 15/3/22


Will You Beat the Sifter?

Whether you are looking or not - it might be wise to locate your current CV to see if it needs updating - just in case a good opportunity arises, and your...

in Consultancy - on 27/12/21


Survival & Success Pt3

In Part 3 of 3, Frank looks at where to sit at work meetings, what not to say, and how to deal with difficult people

in Consultancy - on 18/11/21

Survival and Success at Work Meetings

Survival and Success

In Part 1 of this article, Turfcare Sector Trainer and Conference Speaker Frank Newberry offered advice on making a good impression, dealing with our fears...

in Consultancy - on 29/8/21

Solving People Problems

Solving People Problems

Whether you are a team leader, or a team member who wants to make a difference, you will find that some people problems at work are more complex than others....

in Consultancy - on 22/5/21


Playing Your Part

Change at work may be forced on us by many things, e.g. technological advances, new legislation, economic worries, or environmental considerations - including...

in Consultancy - on 15/3/21

Mind your language

Mind your language

Training Advisor Frank Newberry looks at the way we speak to people. He suggests that our choice of words and tone of voice can profoundly affect our relationships...

in Consultancy - on 13/1/21


Dryject back in the UK

Ken Siems launches Siems Turfgrass Consultancy Service and brings the world’s premier sand injection system, Dryject, to the UK and Ireland

in Consultancy - on 30/11/20


How to Give Bad News

Trainer and Conference Speaker Frank Newberry looks at how to give bad news to people in the workplace. Giving bad news can be hard on everyone. It needs...

in Consultancy - on 12/9/20


Do You Put People Off?

Training Instructor and Conference Speaker Frank Newberry looks at how our interpersonal skills, or lack of, might be putting people off. Our off-putting...

in Consultancy - on 15/7/20

Putting Things Off - Part II

Putting Things Off - Pt 2

In Part 2 of this article, Grounds Care Trainer and Conference Speaker Frank Newberry offers ten ways we can all reduce our tendency to procrastinate.

in Consultancy - on 3/6/20

Putting Things Off - Part 1

Putting Things Off - Pt 1

Are you deadline-driven? Event-orientated? A sensation-seeking procrastinator? In Part 1 of this two-part article, Trainer and Conference Speaker Frank...

in Consultancy - on 25/3/20


Decisions decisions

In this article, Andrew Turnbull BSc (Hons) examines how the use of further financial management and analysis skills show that a turfgrass manager is aware...

in Consultancy - on 10/2/20


Transforming Performance

In Part 1, Trainer and Conference Speaker Frank Newberry asked if you were a one-dimensional person at work; alone in your own comfort zone - or whether...

in Consultancy - on 13/1/20

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Do you feel valued?

Grounds Training Tutor Frank Newberry believes that most people want to work for an organisation that values their efforts. In this article, Frank suggests...

in Consultancy - on 16/9/19

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The Triple C

Grounds Training Tutor Frank Newberry reports on the shift away from training seminars for individuals - to ‘triple C’ workshops - where the aim is...

in Consultancy - on 17/7/19

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Sharks and Dolphins II

In the first of a two-part article, Frank Newberry, tutor at Grounds Training, reported on the perils of giving people feedback on their performance at...

in Consultancy - on 22/5/19

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Dolphins and Sharks

In this, the first of a two-part article, Communication Skills Trainer Frank Newberry reports on the perils of giving people feedback on their performance...

in Consultancy - on 27/3/19