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Multiple generations

In Part 1, Trainer Frank Newberry looked how each age group in the workplace has been described in recent times, e.g. Millennials, Baby Boomers, Generation...

in Consultancy - on 14/5/18


STRI Independence?

Feeling slightly saddened by the news that my former employer, STRI, has seemingly abandoned its claim to be an independent consultancy. Its directors...

in Consultancy - on 10/3/18

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Look what you made me do

Grounds Training Tutor Frank Newberry reports on how we can all be tempted to blame others for our workplace woes. He suggests the way forward is to try...

in Consultancy - on 10/1/18


What would YOU do?

In the concluding part of this article, Frank Newberry looks at why people do personal jobs at work and suggests fifteen different ways we can tackle the...

in Consultancy - on 1/11/17

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Manage the micro manager

In the first of a two-part article, Grounds Training Tutor and Careers Advisor Frank Newberry gave his take on the serious problem of micro-managers. In...

in Consultancy - on 17/7/17

Otterbine Fountain

Water quality issues

Water is one of the most precious of our recyclable resources and a source of natural beauty and recreation. In this article, Reg Varney, international...

in Consultancy - on 7/7/17


Effects of thatch

Maxwell Amenity Technical Manager, James Grundy discusses the effects of thatch.

in Consultancy - on 15/5/17

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Speaking truth to power

Grounds Training Tutor Frank Newberry suggests how we might tackle giving important people honest criticism, without making things worse in the short term...

in Consultancy - on 22/3/17

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Prepare to be insulted!

How are you viewed by your colleagues?

in Consultancy - on 9/1/17


Are you Type A or Type B?

Can you choose your response to workplace stress?

in Consultancy - on 28/11/16

Frank Grant and Will AELTC for Pitchcare

Those Two Imposters!

Turfcare sector trainer and motivational speaker Frank Newberry considers how we might respond to the triumphs and disasters in our working lives

in Consultancy - on 5/10/16

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Cricket and Bowls Renos

Symbio’s Martin Ward says that, as our understanding of soil biology increases, autumn renovations may be improved and simplified by adopting new technologies...

in Consultancy - on 23/9/16

3G artificial pitch

Is natural turf losing ou

Despite the many arguments against, Dr Tim Lodge of Agrostis Turf Consultancy, says that artificial sports surfaces, and particularly 3G, appear to be...

in Consultancy - on 16/9/16

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Important to be nice?

PGA Trainer and Motivational Speaker Frank Newberry considers whether ‘being nice’ to people at work is always the best approach

in Consultancy - on 24/8/16

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Skills training

In this article Performance Consultant and Motivational Speaker, Frank Newberry, considers how our expectations of ourselves can affect our own performance....

in Consultancy - on 21/6/16

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Ten Ground Rules

Trainer and Motivational Speaker Frank Newberry keeps the promise he made in his last article and gives us ten ground rules (ways of working) for teams...

in Consultancy - on 11/5/16


World Club Bowls

The Pitchcare sponsored World Club Bowls Championship final was played last Sunday 17th April at Leyland Fox Lane SC, with Parkfield Labour from Preston...

in Consultancy - on 26/4/16

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Joe and Harry and You II

Pitchcare Trainer and Motivational Speaker Frank Newberry concludes his two-part article on how your personal and professional development can be helped...

in Consultancy - on 9/3/16

BowlsGreen Autumn

What are Biostimulants?

Martin Ward says the development of sports turf rootzones has concentrated on physical and chemical management of the grass

in Consultancy - on 10/2/16