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Maintenance guidleines

This final article in a series prepared by David Rhodes of Traction Sports, he gives some guidelines for the maintenance of synthetic and artificial surfaces,...

in Consultancy - on 6/2/16

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Joe and Harry and You 1

Pitchcare Trainer and Motivational Speaker Frank Newberry outlines how your personal professional development can be helped greatly by the efforts of Joe...

in Consultancy - on 24/1/16

CLS Sports targets North West "powerhouse"

CLS Sports targets NW

Sports contractor CLS Sports is powering into the North West region under its programme of national expansion.

in Consultancy - on 20/1/16

CLS Sports

CLS Sports in West Mids

Grassroots sport in the West Midlands will gain a welcome boost this spring when freshly created playing fields come on stream to counter lost provision. Specialist...

in Consultancy - on 19/1/16

Noise test 325

Measuring noise

Ian Mitchell discusses the issue of noise - how it’s measured and its effect on operators working with outdoor power equipment

in Consultancy - on 10/12/15

Greg Evans'

Greg Evans for rugby

Golf Course Consultant Greg Evans MG has built a strong following for his unique approach to golf course agronomy in recent years but the skills he has...

in Consultancy - on 4/12/15

Duncan Ross contractors

Duncan Ross expands

Duncan Ross, specialist sportsturf contractor, will be exhibiting at BTME 2016 in Harrogate as the company looks to expand on its recent successes.

in Consultancy - on 4/12/15


Soil biology revolution

In the first of a series of articles, Symbio’s Managing Director Martin Ward looks at how healthy soil works and why natural grass systems remain friable,...

in Consultancy - on 28/11/15


Duncan Ross at Egremont

2015 marked a moment in history for Egremont Amateur rugby league football club (ARLFC). This was the year when they were finally able to officially open...

in Consultancy - on 26/11/15

Typical Multi Use Games Area after Refurbishment

Refurbishing existing

This article, the fifth in a series prepared by David Rhodes of Traction Sports, discusses how the refurbishment of an existing facility can bring substantial...

in Consultancy - on 21/11/15

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Management Material?

Frank Newberry explores what might make a good manager and whether you can get beyond supervision - on your own terms

in Consultancy - on 15/11/15

Trueness meter, moisture meter, Clegg and buggies (2)

A "firm" decision

Steve Isaac, Director - Golf Course Management, The R&A, says that the grasses we grow on our golf greens largely dictate how the putting surfaces perform...

in Consultancy - on 14/10/15

Invasive Weeds 018

Giant Hogweed

... or, as it is correctly known, Heracleum mantegazzianum

in Consultancy - on 8/10/15

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Planning new builds

New pitches are continually in demand by clubs, colleges and institutions. The chosen location is either available farmland or exists as part of the property...

in Consultancy - on 28/9/15

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Supervisor Material?

Pitchcare Trainer and Motivational Speaker Frank Newberry looks at the difference between ‘supervisors’ and ‘managers’ and explores some of what...

in Consultancy - on 13/9/15


Soil, water and...

We all know what we mean by ‘soil and water’, but it only refers to two of the three ingredients necessary for plant growth - the third being ‘air’....

in Consultancy - on 6/8/15

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Who is getting your job?

Pitchcare Trainer and Motivational Speaker Frank Newberry looks at who might be getting your job in future, how you and your organisation can get the most...

in Consultancy - on 23/7/15

Summer irrigation mr

Water Management

A surge in summer temperatures, and several months of below average rainfall for many areas, has put the focus back on water management for sports turf...

in Consultancy - on 5/7/15


Drainage Improvements

In his third article on winter sports pitches, Carl Pass, Managing Director of Premier Pitches Ltd., discusses drainage systems and suggests that clubs...

in Consultancy - on 11/6/15


Breaking the law?

In the second of a series of three, Mike Atherton discusses how Liebig’s Law of Minimum might be inappropriate and that the Law of Tolerance may be a...

in Consultancy - on 30/5/15