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Two steps forward ...

2020 continues to be an extraordinary year in every respect and, whilst it is now possible to visit sites and carry out inspections, demonstrations and...

in Editorial - on 27/8/20


2020 vision

The pandemic continues but, very slowly, the economy is starting to get going. Currently, we can visit a showroom to buy a new car, or pop to a shopping...

in Editorial - on 26/6/20


Against all odds ...

Whilst this is my first foreword for Pitchcare, many of you will know that I have been editor for a while - it’s merely part of the natural progression...

in Editorial - on 22/4/20


The real horror story

Why would anyone replace a key sustainable component of our living environment with a coal and oil-derived product, one of only limited life span and almost...

in Editorial - on 4/3/20


An exciting future

This is my first editorial since the news of our sale to Agrovista UK became public

in Editorial - on 26/2/20


Anti-social media?

I suppose, being one of the earlier online businesses, we could be guilty of helping to fuel the growth of the internet and, latterly, the use of social...

in Editorial - on 25/10/19


It’s a no-brainer

With all the doom and gloom in the public media - Hong Kong, Brexit, mass shootings, British Airways etc. - I’m pleased to say that, all in all, this...

in Editorial - on 28/8/19


Artificial intelligence?

Regular readers of this magazine - and our website articles - will know that we have been championing natural turf pitches ahead of artificials for a number...

in Editorial - on 27/6/19


Life after chemicals

The start to spring has been far less strenuous than it was last year and, although we encountered a further blip of cold weather entering April, this...

in Editorial - on 28/4/19

Dave Saltman 3

Spring - into action?

February is always such an uncertain month weather-wise. Last year, we were gripped with sub-zero temperatures blown down from Siberia, but we have largely,...

in Editorial - on 27/2/19


Pundits, players & public

The cover feature of our October/November issue is an exclusive interview with Mick Hunt, the outgoing head groundsman at the home of cricket. It is a...

in Editorial - on 26/10/18


A year of extremes

We can debate climate change and its possible causes ‘ad infinitum’, but there’s no doubting the extremes of weather that we have had to endure so...

in Editorial - on 30/8/18


Tantamount to theft?

Theft is a term usually used for someone stealing from somebody else, so could you use the word in the same context, where a business is failing and knowingly...

in Editorial - on 29/6/18

Highfield&Brookham Roller

May Diaries

With temperatures expected to be below normal early on, average during the mid-month and higher than usual as June draws in, expect May to feel like a...

in Editorial - on 1/5/18

DaveSaltman Oldham Landscape


When I started in the Industry around thirty years ago, the STRI was regarded as the ‘go to’ agronomy service. Respected and revered in the UK and...

in Editorial - on 27/4/18

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The best thing to happen!

Maxwell Amenity Technical Manager John Handley discusses the loss of iprodione and how he considers it to be one of the best things that could have happened...

in Editorial - on 2/3/18

DaveSaltman Oldham Landscape

Change as good as a rest?

There’s been talk, in recent weeks, about a winter break in football to allow the players to recover. It’s an interesting debate, with many citing...

in Editorial - on 28/2/18

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Best of Pitchcare 2017-18

This is a round-up of the Pitchcare pages – technical, news or opinion – which you’ve read most often since this time last year.

in Editorial - on 7/2/18