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Feeling hot hot hot

During August, many parts of the country have seen soaring temperatures and drought conditions. By the time this magazine is published there will probably...

in Editorial - on 5/9/22


Many returns

This month’s foreword falls back to me, after a necessary break to rid myself of breast cancer. I’m pleased to report that everything has gone well...

in Editorial - on 28/4/22


A regulatory challenge

With the green movement and the increasingly green European Parliament restrictions, requirements towards fertilisers and other chemical production are...

in Editorial - on 3/3/22


Curve balls!

The observant amongst you will have spotted that Kerry Haywood’s lovely brown eyes are not staring out at you from the foreword in the Feb/Mar issue

in Editorial - on 26/2/22


Racking up a ton

Peter Britton talks us through 100 issues of the Pitchcare magazine

in Editorial - on 7/1/22


Notching up a ton

Many of you may be aware that the latest Pitchcare magazine is our 100th issue! It is a fantastic achievement and provides an opportunity to reflect on...

in Editorial - on 24/12/21


Top five gripes!

Golf clubs and summer sports venues will have finished their renovations by now and football stadiums are full again - which is a very different place...

in Editorial - on 29/10/21


Going out out

So, we made it to the end of lockdown and our world is returning to ‘normal’. However, the two industry shows that have been held recently certainly...

in Editorial - on 27/8/21


Skin Cancer

An interesting subject was bought to my attention the other day; skin cancer or melanoma as it is often known. So, are we, as outdoor workers, at a higher...

in Editorial - on 20/7/21


Fronting up!

As I write this, we should be getting excited about the imminent trade shows scheduled for July; The Festival of Turf - 21st and 22nd at Warwickshire Event...

in Editorial - on 28/6/21


Rolling, rolling, rolling

The vaccine rollout across the UK continues to be successful and we can only hope that this means bums on stadium seats in the near future. The Covid-19...

in Editorial - on 28/4/21


When Covid comes calling

You continuously see the news, the stats and the daily figures for people who have lost their lives to this awful virus but, when Covid comes calling,...

in Editorial - on 25/2/21


Tiers and tears

Ordinarily at this time of year, when the turkey has all been consumed and we start to look forward to 2021, our thoughts turn to BTME and our industry...

in Editorial - on 24/12/20

ICL at BTME 2020.jpg

That Was The Year ...

To borrow from the sixties satirical TV show TW3 (That Was The Week That Was), 2020 proved to be one hell of a year

in Editorial - on 21/12/20


Living with it

The current situation certainly feels as though we have moved from a ‘defeat Covid-19’ status to one where we must ‘live with it for the foreseeable...

in Editorial - on 28/10/20


Two steps forward ...

2020 continues to be an extraordinary year in every respect and, whilst it is now possible to visit sites and carry out inspections, demonstrations and...

in Editorial - on 27/8/20


2020 vision

The pandemic continues but, very slowly, the economy is starting to get going. Currently, we can visit a showroom to buy a new car, or pop to a shopping...

in Editorial - on 26/6/20


Against all odds ...

Whilst this is my first foreword for Pitchcare, many of you will know that I have been editor for a while - it’s merely part of the natural progression...

in Editorial - on 22/4/20


The real horror story

Why would anyone replace a key sustainable component of our living environment with a coal and oil-derived product, one of only limited life span and almost...

in Editorial - on 4/3/20


An exciting future

This is my first editorial since the news of our sale to Agrovista UK became public

in Editorial - on 26/2/20