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Pitchcare website visits 2015

Surge in Pitchcare Use

The Pitchcare website has seen its biggest ever increase in use, exceeding 200,000 visits in a month for the first time ever.

in Editorial - on 1/5/15

May Sports Diaries go Live

May Sports Diaries

May Sports Diaries

in Editorial - on 1/5/15

Phosphorite Mine Oron Israel 070313


Phosphorus - what is it, what is its significance to us? To get straight to the point, phosphorus is required to sustain all terrestrial life forms - as...

in Editorial - on 12/4/15

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Sports Diaries go Live

Just a reminder that our Pitchcare April Sports Diaries are now live and available for viewing.

in Editorial - on 1/4/15

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Photo Competition 2015

Photo Competition 2015

in Editorial - on 17/3/15

Britain's former tallest man who was 7ft 6in tall is laid to rest after dying at 71

UK's Tallest Man

Britain's former tallest man who was 7ft6in tall is laid to rest after dying at 71

in Editorial - on 13/3/15


Sports Diaries go Live

Just a reminder that our Pitchcare March Sports Diaries are now live and available for viewing.

in Editorial - on 1/3/15

Dave Saltman 3

Unsung heroes

There’s something about the FA Cup that is absolutely magical; it conjures up great giant killing feats as minnows swim, albeit briefly, in the same...

in Editorial - on 28/2/15


Photo Competition 2014

What makes a great photo is open to conjecture. Often, it is simply a case of what 'fits the eye', and it would appear that the Pitchcare members have...

in Editorial - on 7/1/15

STB xmas Ball2

Spot the Bauble winner

Daniel Dumbrill wins our Christmas Spot the Bauble competition

in Editorial - on 2/1/15


Save our Spaces

Whilst Greg Dyke’s idea for Premier League ‘B’ teams playing in the lower leagues was roundly, and rightly, poo-pooed, his suggestion of installing...

in Editorial - on 2/1/15

Dave Saltman 3

Awards and Rewards

2014 has been a much improved year, financially, for most. Talking to companies from all sections of our industry, the mood has been upbeat and customers...

in Editorial - on 30/12/14


Green Flag Awards

Green Flag status is becoming a popular award for parks and public open spaces.

in Editorial - on 24/12/14


Managing saturated soils

2014 is set to be England’s hottest year in over 350 years, However this hot weather has no doubt been a catalyst for a lot of the recent rain, as they...

in Editorial - on 21/12/14

Merrist Wood press release Dec14

Merrist Wood GTC Assured

The Greenkeepers Training Committee is pleased to welcome Guildford - Merrist Wood College, Surrey onto its Quality Assured Scheme.

in Editorial - on 11/12/14

PR4223 Rugby School

Investing in Pitches

I read with interest the recent published facts figures on the obesity problem now facing humanity a recent BBC report states tackling the problem in the...

in Editorial - on 25/11/14

STB Rugby NoBall

Spot the Ball

Our 'free to enter' Spot the Ball competition returns for a fifth time, with your chance to win a £50 Pitchcare voucher for use in our Online Store.

in Editorial - on 18/11/14


Digital demise

What ‘on earth’ happens to your online profile when you eventually meet your maker?

in Editorial - on 11/9/14

DaveSaltman2012 2

More than just a magazine

It’s thirteen years since Pitchcare was first launched and it amazes me that so many people within our industry still think that Pitchcare is ‘just...

in Editorial - on 1/9/14

anne glover pic2

EU twisting Facts

EU twisting facts to fit political agenda, chief scientist Anne Glover says

in Editorial - on 29/7/14