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Green spaces for Alliance

The Alliance provides reaction to three key announcements from the Budget (22 November 2017) and reviews the implications for the sport and recreation...

in Local Authority - on 23/11/17

Michael Grove

'Green Brexit'

Plans to consult on a new, independent body that would hold the government to account for upholding environmental standards after Brexit has been...

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Clitocybe rivulosa(Wiki)

Beware the Fool’s Funnel

Reports of a puppy becoming ill in Oxfordshire after consuming the fungi Fool’s Funnel have sparked warnings of the dangers of this innocuous looking...

in Local Authority - on 6/11/17

The Møller Centre

‘New generation’ weeds

Traditional invasive weeds such as Japanese knotweed, as well as a new generation of non-native species including aquatic plants, are all on the radar...

in Local Authority - on 4/11/17

Birmingham in pole 1

Birmingham pole position

Birmingham remain in pole position to host the 2022 Commonwealth Games with potential rivals Kuala Lumpur and Victoria still lacking political...

in Local Authority - on 3/11/17

Eddlewood bowling club

Hospice bowled over

Eddlewood Bowling Club continued their long-standing support for Kilbryde Hospice by supporting the charity at their popular International Bowls...

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A sound investment

Lee Kristensen is a product manager at Ransomes Jacobsen discusses the decline in cylinder municipal mowing, and why we shouldn’t abandon the concept...

in Local Authority - on 23/10/17

Hogs Head 1

Hogs Head Golf Club

Hogs Head Golf Club, a brand-new course located in County Kerry, Ireland, has chosen equipment from Textron Golf (Jacobsen¬¬®, E-Z-GO® and Cushman®)...

in Local Authority - on 3/10/17

Polaris emergency data tag

Polaris emergency call

A new emergency police vehicle capable of mobilising officers quickly in some of West Norfolk’s most hard to reach places has been launched...

in Local Authority - on 12/8/17

Leeds Park Fund2

Leeds Parks Fund launched

A new charitable fund dedicated to enhancing public parks and green spaces in Leeds was launched in July

in Local Authority - on 25/7/17

Uttlesford data tag

Three in one with Toro

Uttlesford District Council’s decision to opt for Toro’s LT-F3000 flail when the need arose for a new grounds mower to tackle the area’s parks and...

in Local Authority - on 9/6/17

EU declared Monsanto weedkiller safe after intervention from controversial US official

Weedkiller declared safe

The European Food Safety Authority dismissed a study linking a Monsanto weedkiller to cancer after counsel from a US Environmental Protection Agency officer...

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School sport data tag

School sport left behind

June’s poll should be a chance to refocus minds on the struggle to give talented athletes the platform they need.

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TORO T4240 data tag

Toro T4240 for multi-site

East Cambridgeshire District Council, having recently become responsible for even more sites across the area, has invested in the portable Toro T4240 high-output...

in Local Authority - on 10/5/17

amenity forum logo

£228m council tax bill!

New economic figures unveiled today reveal the cost to the local taxpayer of banning common weedkillers to keep pavements, parks and public places weed...

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Toro LT F3000

Easy parks with Toro

With research reporting widespread budget cuts, Reesink Turfcare looks at how to make that all-important budget go further without a drop in park...

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St Edmundsbury Borough Council data tag

Good use of Verti-Drain

St Edmundsbury Borough Council have recently invested in a Redexim Verti-Drain 7626, from Charterhouse Turf Machinery, to help look after sports surfaces...

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INNSA Conference data tag

Invasive conference!

The third annual INNSA Conference has taken place with a full agenda on the biodiversity, property and legal issues surrounding invasive species

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DDC grounds team data tag

DDC maintenance team

Dover District Council (DDC) has brought the maintenance of its parks and open spaces in-house with effect from 1 April 2017 as a new team of 25 directly...

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mark norman tree IMG 20170301 144849

Memorial tree planned

Wellington in Bloom is launching a fund to plant a wedding cake tree in the town’s Edwardian park in memory of Mark Norman

in Local Authority - on 23/3/17