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New Acelepryn approval

A full approval for the innovative Syngenta insecticide, Acelepryn, now gives the chance for greenkeepers and turf managers to develop more effective integrated...

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BASF Turf – Case Study

A South Wales-based golf club has explained the key benefits of using Attraxor for turf maintenance and suppression of Poa annua.

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BASF education

Several Agrovista Amenity customers recently visited the BASF production facility in Littlehampton where they got the opportunity to find out more about...

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Annual pest control show

Hot-on-the-heels of exhibiting at Europe’s largest turf management show, Lantra is to play a major role at one of the biggest annual pest control industry...

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Lantra supporting CRRU in its efforts to safeguard birds of prey health

Lantra safeguarding birds

Lantra has taken major measures to support the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use (CRRU) in its efforts to help safeguard the health of birds of...

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Lantra take lead on plan

Lantra, the UK’s leading awarding organisation, providing training and qualifications for the land-based sector, has said it is looking forward to the...

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LJ cause emergency

An Emergency Authorisation (EA) for the use of the Syngenta insecticide Acelepryn to target leatherjackets has been granted for the 2022 season.

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New Syngenta Turf App

The new Syngenta Turf App now includes a host of added features to help with everyday turf management decisions and enhance long-term planning.

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Amenity Forum guidance

The Amenity Forum working in collaboration with DEFRA on further improving guidance on integrated approaches to weed, pest & disease management

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Brown patch leaves.jpg

Safeguard your turf

A turf disease previously more common in the US, incidences of Brown Patch are becoming more frequent in high-end stadiums and training grounds across...

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Safeguard your turf

As climate change brings more hot and humid weather, the severity and geographic range of fungal diseases are increasing. Disease control has become a...

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Grey leaf spot symptoms.jpg

Grey Leaf Spot

Grey leaf spot has now been identified in stadium turf situations in a number of instances in the UK. As one of the new disease pathogens attacking turf,...

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Microdochium infection mr.jpg

Disease research results

Latest turf disease research results reveal the crucial role of early preventative fungicide applications to protect surfaces going into the winter.

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Facing the Future

Withdrawal from the European community, and the consequences of a pandemic, are already substantially impacting on all who manage amenity and sports spaces....

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Acelepryn later timing

A new Emergency Authorisation (EA) for the use of the Syngenta insecticide, Acelepryn, has been approved to target leatherjackets for the 2021 season

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The disease triangle

Anthracnose of turf is caused by the pathogen Colletotrichum cereale. The disease primarily affects intensely managed turf surfaces because of the considerable...

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IMP705 Leatherjacket grubs.jpg.JPG

ICL's big survey

This survey has been produced by ICL in response to the apparent increase in reports of Leatherjacket and Chafer grub infestations seen within the amateur...

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Damage caused by predators searching for leatherjackets.jpg

Leatherjacket challenge!

BIGGA and Syngenta to host major industry event focussing on the threat to the golfing industry caused by increasing populations of harmful insects

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Plant stress; sports turf

Drones and remote sensing technology, such as multispectral and thermal cameras, have the potential to detect early symptoms of stress in turf grass. This...

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Bees- Pesticides

Legal threat over bees

The Wildlife Trusts is to take legal action against the UK government over its decision to allow a pesticide that is almost entirely banned in the EU....

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