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Anthracnose likely!

As grass plants have experienced extreme droughts this summer greenkeepers are reminded to act now before disease onset this autumn

in Pests & Diseases - on 24/9/18

Rhenac uses UV-C light

Rhenac GreenTec AG (Germany) introduces – in partnership with Recreational Systems Europe/RSE – a unit that uses UV-C light to destroy up to 95% of...

in Pests & Diseases - on 30/5/18

Biosecurity and Brexit

UK imports of live plants have increased by 71% since 1999. There are now more than 1,000 pests and diseases on the UK plant health risk register

in Pests & Diseases - on 8/5/18

World Cup locust scandal

The Russian government says a plague of locusts could 'disgrace' the country by destroying World Cup pitches.

in Pests & Diseases - on 1/2/18

Edgbaston Priory Club

In recent years the number of chemicals available to us as turf managers has rapidly diminished, while expectations relating to turf quality remain as...

in Pests & Diseases - on 5/1/18

New Live Maps for disease

A new disease forecasting tool on the Syngenta Greencast turf management website now gives a clear picture of disease pressure across the UK.

in Pests & Diseases - on 29/11/17

‘New generation’ weeds

Traditional invasive weeds such as Japanese knotweed, as well as a new generation of non-native species including aquatic plants, are all on the radar...

in Pests & Diseases - on 4/11/17

knotweed’s hibernation

It’s that time of year again when Japanese knotweed’s growing season draws to a close and the plant dies away, but specialists Environet are urging...

in Pests & Diseases - on 1/11/17

The life in your soil

Plants have evolved a series of mutually reliant relationships with organisms which are not visible to the naked eye. These organisms are referred to as...

in Pests & Diseases - on 18/8/17

Unscientific advice

Cowboy businesses pushing ‘quick-fix’ treatments for infestations of the highly destructive Japanese knotweed plant are exposing homeowners and businesses...

in Pests & Diseases - on 9/8/17

CWC choose SprayTek XP

The south and central Wales branch of Complete Weed Control, the specialist contract service franchise, has purchased a Jacobsen SprayTek XP sprayer to...

in Pests & Diseases - on 6/7/17

A time of change!

With a time of 9.58 seconds, Usain Bolt holds the record for the fastest ever 100 metres. The speed of change in the amenity sector relating to Plant Protection...

in Pests & Diseases - on 30/6/17

Moss control

Moss is the bane of many groundsmen and greenkeepers. It will happily grow anywhere; on greens, tees, synthetic and hard surfaces, patios and pathways....

in Pests & Diseases - on 14/6/17

Warning over black fly

A Herefordshire golf club has issued a warning to golfers about one of the most common insects in the UK after a man lost his memory following a bite.

in Pests & Diseases - on 3/6/17

The 2017 updating tour!

Over the last two months, the Amenity Forum has been on tour across the UK holding some 13 free events aiming to update those involved in the amenity sector...

in Pests & Diseases - on 30/4/17

Who might lose their job?

Really? Does it have to be this way? Pitchcare Technical Manager James Grundy says that a change of mindset is required to achieve success against leatherjackets...

in Pests & Diseases - on 26/4/17

Invasive conference!

The third annual INNSA Conference has taken place with a full agenda on the biodiversity, property and legal issues surrounding invasive species

in Pests & Diseases - on 15/4/17

Invasive Weed Conference

Japanese Knotweed Specialists is pleased to announce Adam Brindle as the chairman for this year’s PCA International Invasive Weed Conference

in Pests & Diseases - on 5/4/17