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Rolls Royce Leisure Chris Moody 2

Q&A with Chris Moody

Chris Moody - Only Fools and Horses, wanting more hair and Amanda Holden.

in Public Places - on 4/7/16

Rolls Royce Leisure bowls green

Rolls-Royce of facilities

In Kerry Haywood’s hometown of Derby, Rolls-Royce Leisure has provided the facilities for a better work/life balance and a place for social interaction,...

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Is yours the best bush?

The art of topiary has been around since Roman times. As well as Europe, it was also popular in Japan and China at about the same time and has remained...

in Public Places - on 30/6/16


Aberdeen modernise plans

Sport Aberdeen has set aside £400,000 to modernise four sport and leisure centres in the city

in Public Places - on 22/4/16

PowisCastle Main3

Powis to the people

As a National Trust enthusiast, Alice Northrop was overjoyed to receive the go-ahead to visit David Swanton, Garden Operations Manager at the stunning...

in Public Places - on 25/3/16

Worcester College, Oxford

Get creative with Allett

With the winter now behind us, lawnmowers across the country are about to come out of hibernation ready to tidy lawns and return gardens to their former...

in Public Places - on 12/3/16

BatterseaIronside Juniors

Tanks, but no tanks!

If ever you were looking for a name for a sports club that might inhibit opponents, there’s one in the heart of south London that does just that. Neville...

in Public Places - on 30/1/16

Northumberlandia Over and Above Sept 13

Lady of the North

Located next to the town of Cramlington in Northumberland, Northumberlandia is a unique piece of public art set in 46 acres of community park. Kerry Haywood...

in Public Places - on 12/1/16

Glamping at Warwick Castle 0116 IMG 7532 (002)

Warwick Terrain Aeration

Specialists in deep aeration treatment, Terrain Aeration, returned to Warwick Castle for the second year to treat and help restore the 'glamping' area

in Public Places - on 9/1/16

Stormont PhillipMcCormick

Stormont Estate

The superb facilities offered by the Northern Ireland Civil Service Sports Association, at The Pavilion complex, are the responsibility of Head Groundsman...

in Public Places - on 12/10/15

Invasive Weeds 018

Giant Hogweed

... or, as it is correctly known, Heracleum mantegazzianum

in Public Places - on 8/10/15

VSS 2000 Spray SNOW

SnowEx knows snow

SnowEx VSS liquid de-icing systems

in Public Places - on 24/9/15


Pitches £335k boost

More than £335,000 is set to be spent on local sports facilities and pitches, courtesy of several local housing developments

in Public Places - on 13/9/15

spraying 1

Glyphosate - in control?

It is important to understand how weed control works can help to get the best out of herbicides and increase efficiency, explains Manda Sansom, Monsanto’s...

in Public Places - on 27/8/15

Gorse FreeStock Sussex

Gorse Management

James Hutchinson, the recently appointed Environmental Officer at The St Andrews Links Trust, discusses how gorse has an effect on our sports grounds and...

in Public Places - on 8/8/15

Pollinator friendly garden at Chelsea Flower Show May 2010 129

A paradigm shift needed

Green Flag judge, Bernard Sheridan, believes it is now time for local authorities and land owners to seriously consider having ‘no-mow’ targets similar...

in Public Places - on 2/8/15

PyramidalOrchid MikeAllen

Orchid spotters map

A citizen science project to study when and where orchids bloom around the UK has already revealed 200 new flowering locations for particular species.

in Public Places - on 29/7/15

StanleyPark Aerial

Stanley Park

Adam Witchell visits Stanley Park Sports Ground, one of the first facilities in the UK designed specifically to cater for grassroots football. He talks...

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Polaris help Police

The Safe Shores campaign covers the areas of Scotland’s South Ayrshire shoreline at Troon, Prestwick and Ayr beaches. Its purpose is to safeguard members...

in Public Places - on 27/5/15