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Invasive Weeds 018

Giant Hogweed

... or, as it is correctly known, Heracleum mantegazzianum

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VSS 2000 Spray SNOW

SnowEx knows snow

SnowEx VSS liquid de-icing systems

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Pitches £335k boost

More than £335,000 is set to be spent on local sports facilities and pitches, courtesy of several local housing developments

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Glyphosate - in control?

It is important to understand how weed control works can help to get the best out of herbicides and increase efficiency, explains Manda Sansom, Monsanto’s...

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Gorse FreeStock Sussex

Gorse Management

James Hutchinson, the recently appointed Environmental Officer at The St Andrews Links Trust, discusses how gorse has an effect on our sports grounds and...

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Pollinator friendly garden at Chelsea Flower Show May 2010 129

A paradigm shift needed

Green Flag judge, Bernard Sheridan, believes it is now time for local authorities and land owners to seriously consider having ‘no-mow’ targets similar...

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PyramidalOrchid MikeAllen

Orchid spotters map

A citizen science project to study when and where orchids bloom around the UK has already revealed 200 new flowering locations for particular species.

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StanleyPark Aerial

Stanley Park

Adam Witchell visits Stanley Park Sports Ground, one of the first facilities in the UK designed specifically to cater for grassroots football. He talks...

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Polaris help Police

The Safe Shores campaign covers the areas of Scotland’s South Ayrshire shoreline at Troon, Prestwick and Ayr beaches. Its purpose is to safeguard members...

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Football pitches reverting to long grass regimes in a Manchester park

Who cares about parks?

What does the future hold for public parks and open spaces and what are the issues which parks managers are currently facing? Green Flag judge, Bernard...

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Save Your Pitches notext

Save our local pitches

If you value green open spaces or play sport on local natural grass facilities, then please read on and find out how you can help Challenge the FA’s...

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ppf rugby girls

Sport England strategy

Playing fields are one of the most important resources for sport in England but many of them become waterlogged or in a state of disrepair, so we are investing...

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Improvement fund

Improvement Fund

Between 2012 and 2017, the Improvement Fund will invest £45m of National Lottery funding into medium-sized projects that will improve the quality and...

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Culham Court 423

Classic estate

Just thirty-eight miles from the centre of London, Culham Court Estate enjoys as glorious and unspoilt a setting as can be imagined.

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RoyalOak AdditionalFencing

When's a tree not a tree?

That is a question that could be asked of the Royal Oak, perhaps the most famous tree in the world and one that countless public houses in England are...

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Rockingham Castle   HROC   Image 4

Brigstock Horse Trials

Rockingham Castle has successfully hosted its second Brigstock Horse Trials, one of the UK’s premier events on the three day eventing circuit. It has...

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Carmarthenshire 1

Going mobile

Necessary budget cuts have brought about major changes in the way that Carmarthenshire County Council looks after the twenty summer sports turf surfaces...

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Aerial view of Stonehenge

Stonehenge WAS round

Historians have spent years debating whether Stonehenge was once a complete circle. But staff at the neolithic site believe the question has finally been...

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RievaulxAbbey MickWilson

The best job in the world

English Heritage’s north territory includes the guardianship of some of the finest historical sites in the country, amongst them the abbeys of Rievaulx...

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