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weather corner; 111

In my series of articles this year, I have talked about how trough patterns in the jet stream are behind the increasing frequency of extreme weather as...

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Weather corner; 110

This summer has served as a timely reminder that two of the main consequences we face as a result of our changing climate industry concern irrigation and...

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Salt implications

As Turf Managers, we are well aware of the wide range of environmental conditions that impact us on a daily basis - and how we can best equip our surfaces...

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Weather corner; 109

The climate framework within which we manage turfgrass is undoubtedly changing.

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Agronomy - July 2023

There has been some exceptional weather in June, which has been great for an active social life, but not necessarily so great for managing turf.

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Managing moisture

In this article we discuss the technologies and benefits of wetting agents/surfactants and how managing rootzone moisture allows turf managers to have...

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Agronomy - June 2023

We have seen minimal rainfall over the last couple of weeks and it is now causing turf issues, with watering becoming increasingly important.

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Mark Hunt weather corner

Our industry expert Mark Hunt, talks about Poa annua seeding. In the past, this used to be the very end of April, start of May, but our warming winters...

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Weather and agronomy

Turf management and the weather are inexplicably linked. Temperature, light, moisture, evapotranspiration and humidity play a massive role in grass and...

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Mark Hunt weather corner

Welcome to my regular weather column, where I take a look at all things weather-related and how they impact on turfgrass management. Weather dynamics have...

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Science fertiliser change

The EU Fertilising Products Regulations (2019/1009) are driving significant changes in the supply of fertiliser, biostimulant and soil conditioner markets...

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