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March 2018 Diaries

March 2018 Pitch Maintenance Diaries

in Technical - on 1/3/18

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Irrigation shutdown

Reesink Turfcare’s senior technical support for Toro Irrigation, Rob Green, provides a blow by blow account of winter system shut down

in Technical - on 5/2/18


Daily maintenance

Nigel Church is a Product Trainer with Cutting Edge Training, an operating division of Ransomes Jacobsen. In this article, he looks at the correct procedures...

in Technical - on 22/1/18


Relief grind your units

Ian Robson, ProSport UK Ltd., the UK & Ireland Importer/Distributor for Foley United & Neary Technologies, explains why relief grinding maximises the performance...

in Technical - on 8/1/18


How fungi created life

Today our world is visually dominated by animals and plants, but this world would not have been possible without fungi, say University of Leeds...

in Technical - on 26/12/17

Jim Whitton Dual drive HST system

Hydraulic systems

Hydraulic systems have now been commonplace on grounds maintenance equipment for many years, and not just on large equipment. Jim Whitton continues his...

in Technical - on 13/12/17

The Buckinghamshire beauty shot

Insider Knowledge

Passionate about enabling course managers to develop a trained irrigation eye to implement preventative measures against potential problems or ably respond...

in Technical - on 4/12/17

SISIS Javeln Aer aid

SISIS Javelin Aer-Aid

Following extensive trials, it has been concluded that the SISIS Javelin Aer-Aid tractor mounted aerator would be an essential tool within any integrated...

in Technical - on 24/11/17

Reels 0093

Winter Servicing

Nigel Church is a Product Trainer with Cutting Edge Training, an operating division of Ransomes Jacobsen. A well-known and highly respected figure within...

in Technical - on 22/11/17

Oct Fluid flushing tank shot Hyde Park

When the well is not well

Once, during a discussion with a client a few years ago, I was talking about maintenance of his new well when he quipped … ‘but its just an ’ole...

in Technical - on 20/11/17

Effect on root development after using Worm Power

Digging deep...

Hans de Kort explains why a new vermicomposted liquid fertiliser is different from other tea-based products on the market, and how the product benefits...

in Technical - on 18/11/17

Thatch video

Effects of thatch

James Grundy, Technical Manager of Maxwell Amenity, looks over a soil sample, whilst explaining and showing the detrimental effects of thatch.

in Technical - on 9/11/17

shredded grass leaves photo original

Functioning healthy soil?

How do fertiliser applications with high salt indices affect soil microbiology? It is perhaps a question that many turf managers will have asked. We all...

in Technical - on 8/11/17

Paskett strimming

Battery powered equipment

Battery powered equipment has emerged as a force to be reckoned with. Sceptics have been overcome and lithium-ion now sits among electric and petrol in...

in Technical - on 6/11/17

Aeration   potential damage for disease ingress

Dynamic disease control

Syngenta Turf Technical Manager, Marcela Munoz, highlights the challenges of dynamic disease populations within turf surfaces, and the role of the new...

in Technical - on 9/10/17

3 Technology sprinklers

Spraying money around?

Are we all doing enough to minimise water wastage? No matter what your surface, be it a golf course, sports pitch, training ground, park or large garden,...

in Technical - on 2/10/17


What’s all this about?

With water now a valuable and increasingly expensive commodity, it makes perfect sense to review ways that savings may be made, especially where irrigation...

in Technical - on 15/9/17

soil profile

The life in your soil

Plants have evolved a series of mutually reliant relationships with organisms which are not visible to the naked eye. These organisms are referred to as...

in Technical - on 18/8/17

James Bledge

Cinque or swim!

For a golf course just yards from the English Channel and bordered by Canute Road, you could be forgiven for thinking that the major objective would be...

in Technical - on 16/8/17


Maintaining cut quality

Nigel Church is a Product Trainer with Cutting Edge Training, an operating division of Ransomes Jacobsen. In this article, he looks at maintaining cut...

in Technical - on 21/7/17