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Otterbine Fountain

Water quality issues

Water is one of the most precious of our recyclable resources and a source of natural beauty and recreation. In this article, Reg Varney, international...

in Technical - on 7/7/17


Cleaning hard courts

Replay’s Nick Harris gives an overview of the maintenance requirements for hard surface tennis courts

in Technical - on 28/6/17

Training 009

Extending machinery life

Nigel Church, Product Trainer with Cutting Edge Training, looks at extending the life of your machinery by adopting correct maintenance procedures

in Technical - on 16/6/17

A fine finish from a cylinder mower at Cavendish Golf Club

Mower blades

In this article, Reesink Turfcare’s Clive Pinnock talks blades. Specifically, how these unassuming pieces of metal can mean the difference between frayed...

in Technical - on 15/5/17

Certhia Chainsaws 1A

Chainsaws: know how

Chainsaws are designed for one purpose: to cut quickly and efficiently. They are fabulous tools. However, they are potentially lethal if poorly maintained,...

in Technical - on 1/5/17

Overton UK slope

Battery powered mowers

There is nothing more quintessentially British than the sound of a mower on a sunny spring or summer day, and the smell of freshly cut grass that goes...

in Technical - on 27/4/17


Slope Mowing

In this article, Nigel Church, Product Trainer with Cutting Edge Training, looks at slope mowing and the modern-day safety features of ride-on...

in Technical - on 12/4/17

Daniel Lightfoot and Lee Strutt discuss turf health on greens

Fungicide programmes

Daniel Lightfoot MG MSc, of Syngenta outlined his approach to Designing a Pro-Active Fungicide Programme, developed in conjunction with Lee Strutt MG PGdip,...

in Technical - on 27/3/17

Fusarium CloseUp

Grabbed by the fuzz?

We’re heading into a period of the year when disease pressure is generally high, particularly Microdochium nivale, otherwise known as Fusarium patch....

in Technical - on 20/3/17

23 11 16 rain covers being removed

Battling dual use ...

Five months of unpredictable weather and dual use at the DW Stadium has meant that Dave Saltman and the Wigan team have had to pull out all the stops to...

in Technical - on 17/3/17


Electronics on Mowers

In the 3rd article of Jim Whitton’s machinery series, he explores the development of commercial mower electrical systems over the last three...

in Technical - on 15/3/17


A cast of thousands or ..

With the withdrawal of carbendazim this year, turfcare professionals across the UK will have concerns surrounding worm casts and the damage they will do...

in Technical - on 13/3/17

Coring PPG

The End of Coring?

Brad Revill is a result of The Ohio Program, an enquiring mind and hard work. Currently Director of Golf Course Maintenance at Nikanti Golf Club in Bangkok,...

in Technical - on 11/3/17

Turf Trials I

Could it be more helpful?

Turfgrass Seed - The buyers guide to quality amenity turfgrasses’ is published by the British Society of Plant Breeders Ltd and the turfgrass evaluation...

in Technical - on 10/3/17

Jim Whitton MP655

Diesel engine emissions

The “new” low emission diesel engines have been around for a few years and, I think it’s fair to say that, end users and maybe even some dealers...

in Technical - on 15/1/17

Noth Manchester 1

A seismic influence!

“One man’s waste is another man’s treasure” is the principle on which the majority of recycling that our society undertakes is based and has created...

in Technical - on 2/1/17

cm14 3119s procore 648 colorado 21

Aeration problems?

Reesink Turfcare’s Trevor Chard says that aeration is widely recognised as the most important task implemented on fine turf, and there are few single...

in Technical - on 25/12/16


The phyte back begins

Daniel Ratling BSc, Head Groundsman at Whitgift School is always reading up on plant and soil science. One subject that caught his attention recently was...

in Technical - on 30/11/16

JK knotweed jungle

Japanese Knotweed risks

roundkeepers know all too well the plight facing them when Japanese knotweed is discovered. Japanese Knotweed Control give us an update and the dos and...

in Technical - on 23/11/16

GreenSpeed Putter

The need for speed?

Fine Golf’s Lorne Smith is a proponent of a return to a more traditional running form of golf, citing American ‘target golf’ as the creator of many...

in Technical - on 12/11/16