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Graves to open up!

Graves Tennis and Leisure Centre is set to open its doors to the public on 1st September

in Tennis - on 28/8/16


Turf Tactics a success

On August 18th the Edgbaston Priory Club hosted ‘Turf Tactics’, a free day aimed at educating, improving skills, knowledge and techniques for preparation...

in Tennis - on 23/8/16

YarmSchool Aerial

The man for all reasons

With a huge remit of responsibility, Yarm School’s Estates Manager, Alan Hodgson, has chalked up a generation devoted to steering the expansion of this...

in Tennis - on 12/8/16

AlbertRoad Tennis

LTA renovation target

The Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) will renovate several park courts over the coming years as it attempts to generate participation momentum following a...

in Tennis - on 23/7/16

Will to Win presentation   Lammas Park

Outstanding Lammas Park

Will to Win was set up 20 years ago to improve sport facilities in public parks and they have been operating Lammas Park since 2000

in Tennis - on 17/7/16


Q&A with Ryan Middleton

Ryan Middleton on a night with James Corden, family and Mike Tyson.

in Tennis - on 6/7/16

Notts Tennis Centre centre court 2

Just the three of us

Grounds Manager, Ryan Middleton, certainly has his work cut out at Nottingham Tennis Centre; the largest in Great Britain and one of the biggest in Europe...

in Tennis - on 6/7/16

Rolls Royce Leisure bowls green

Rolls-Royce of facilities

In Kerry Haywood’s hometown of Derby, Rolls-Royce Leisure has provided the facilities for a better work/life balance and a place for social interaction,...

in Tennis - on 4/7/16


Neil caught on camera

Video clip of Neil Stubley at Wimbledon 2016

in Tennis - on 2/7/16


Pellenc battery brush

Pellenc has launched the Cleanion – a pedestrian battery-powered brush suitable for removing debris from natural and artificial grass and other hard...

in Tennis - on 30/6/16


Grant Cantin at Wimbledon

The 41-year-old serves as the deputy head groundsman at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club, the home of the most prestigious tennis tournament...

in Tennis - on 26/6/16

WestHerts GeorgeMills

West Herts BBC shoot

West Herts Sports & Social Club used by the BBC to shoot Wimbledon promotional video

in Tennis - on 17/6/16

May Sports Pitch Maintenance Diaries

May Pitch Diaries

May 2016 Sports Pitch Maintenance Diaries

in Tennis - on 1/5/16

Omagh TC DSC 0330

Omagh Lawn Tennis Club

The town of Omagh sits on the western side of Northern Ireland and is home to around 20,000 people. It is quite an active population in sport, as the...

in Tennis - on 30/4/16

April Sports Pitch Maintenance Diaries

April Sports Diaries

April Sports Pitch Maintenance Diaries

in Tennis - on 1/4/16

Figure 7

Edgbaston- rolling

As regular readers on the Pitchcare website forum, Edgbaston Priory Club’s Grounds Management duo of Dave and John Lawrence were inspired to write a...

in Tennis - on 31/3/16

Muckamore Entrance

A cold and frosty morning

An exposed cricket ground in the heart of Northern Ireland is perhaps not the best place to be on a cold and frosty morning, but that is where Chris McCullough...

in Tennis - on 23/3/16

L R   Tom Day, Sue Lawrence, John Lawrence, Dave Lawrence, Anthony Knight, Steven Whitfield

A difficult winter!

After a challenging winter, which saw rainfall figures across the country breaking records, the grounds team at the Edgbaston Priory Club are hoping to...

in Tennis - on 16/3/16

March Sports Diaries

March Sports Diaries

Monthly Sports Diaries

in Tennis - on 1/3/16

Edgbaston Christmas

Adapting to stay on top

In the first of a series of articles, father and son team David and John Lawrence talk about how the groundcare team have had to adapt their winter regime...

in Tennis - on 29/2/16