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Wiedenmann extra wide 4.6m Terra Rake at Tillers Turf

Terra Rake boost

Wiedenmann UK’s newest fleet addition – the 4.6m wide Terra Rake-has had a huge endorsement from the first clients who took delivery in July

in Turf & Grass Seed - on 26/11/15

Scunthorpe United FC

Limagrain at Scunthorpe

Scunthorpe United FC’s grounds staff have remarked on a significant improvement to the pitch at Glanford Park since using Limagrain UK’s MM60 Grass...

in Turf & Grass Seed - on 23/9/15

Limagrain logo

Limagrain at the NEC

Limagrain UK, one of the world’s largest seed companies will be showcasing its impressive range of grass seed mixtures, including the market leading...

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Johnsons Sport Seed

DLF at the NEC

The sports turf and landscaping market is a substantial one for market leading breeder DLF Trifolium. Returning to Saltex after a long absence, the company...

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Limgrain at Whitgirft School

Limagrain for Whitgift

Daniel Ratling, head groundsman at Whitgift School in Croydon, has praised Limagrain for developing a tailor-made solution to cater for his unique turf...

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Graeme Balmer

Greening up Showground

He began as a cricket coach and groundsman at a public school before branching out 15 years ago and concentrating on grounds maintenance as GDB groundcare....

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Artificial lawns are huge threat to Britain's wildlife, experts warn

Artificial lawns

Artificial lawns are huge threat to Britain's wildlife, experts warn

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Derby County FC 2015 02

Limagrain MM60 Pride Park

Notable for being one of the twelve founder members of the Football League in 1888, Derby County FC is a proud club that plies its trade at the aptly named...

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7638CL TS20 H 2012 001 (ZF 8779 78606 1 001)

Classens are spreading

The Classen TS-20 overseeder is a multipurpose machine for seeding new grass or overseeding existing lawn areas.

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DLF Golf 2 small

Johnsons Sports Seed-BTME

Johnsons Sports Seed is all about consistently improving and setting new standards and at BTME 2015 the company will showcases its strongest mixture line...

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Overseeding Bowls

Overseeding terminology

Overseeding worn and bare areas on sports pitches is an essential maintenance regime to ensure the upkeep of a healthy grass sward.

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Common Bent 2

A grass for all seasons

Common Bent (Agrostis capillaris), once known as Brown Top Bent (A. tenuis), is to be found in many commercial grass and wild flower seed mixtures.

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Limagrain with Troop Aid

Limagrain UK, part of Group Limagrain, a plant breeder and fourth largest seed company in the world, has joined forces with Troop Aid; the UK’s only...

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Speakers for Turfgrass Growers Winter Conference announced

Turfgrass Growers at PGRO

On Tuesday 2nd December 2014 the Turfgrass Growers Association conference will be held at PGRO Thornhaugh, near Peterborough.

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Omarv 190 collector

Omarv help Suffolk Estate

The Omarv TER 190 mower collector supplied by Campey Turf Care Systems fills a valuable role in the conservation programme at the Suffolk Broxtead Estates....

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County Turf website screen grab Sept 2014

County Turf's new website

County Turf has launched a brand new website at www.countyturf.co.uk.

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BTME 2014 0627 3

BTME Pre-Registration

Pre-registration is officially open for BTME 2015 – the turf management event of the year!

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Turfgrass Growers Association in drive to get more members

Turfgrass Growers members

The Turfgrass Growers Association (TGA) is embarking upon a major recruitment drive to encourage growers to get involved with its work.

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Jaey Goodchild with rough alongside fairway 2 mr

Autumn Rescue

Good early autumn growing conditions now offer the positive chance to thin out dense rough overgrown with coarse ryegrass, and leave the desirable fescue...

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