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Important and essential

2020 is certainly a year not to be forgotten. It has impacted on us all in so many ways and it is clear that returning to what we thought as of normal...

in Weed Control - on 9/9/20

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Glyphosate controversy

There’s no doubt that there has been controversy around glyphosate, and its use in the public sector. However, the active ingredient has been around...

in Weed Control - on 21/7/20


Preparing knapsacks

Knapsack and handheld sprayers both have maintenance demands to keep them operating sweetly. The knapsack sprayer is overlooked as a tool despite its importance...

in Weed Control - on 8/4/20

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Emissions free control

The 100% electric AllTrec Tool Carrier from Campey Turf Care Systems has made weed control CO2-emissions free

in Weed Control - on 12/3/20


JK science 'flawed'

Japanese knotweed is wrongly destroying the value of thousands of homes because mortgage lenders are relying on discredited scientific evidence, an investigation...

in Weed Control - on 21/5/19


Keith Gallacher awarded

The prestigious title of Amenity Sprayer Operator of the Year (ASOY) has been won by Keith Gallacher, Head of Complete Weed Control South West and East...

in Weed Control - on 24/1/19

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Invasive weeds success

Over 60 contractors and invasive weed eradication specialists recently attended Invasives Science Live – a unique event that showcased the latest research...

in Weed Control - on 13/1/19

Japanese Knotweed

Japanese Knotweed

The Science and Technology Committee are holding an oral evidence session in early 2019, specifically to explore the science behind the effects of Japanese...

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Glyphosate statement

Managing weeds in amenity situations is a vital task - it impacts on every UK citizen every day providing safe and healthy environments. It really keeps...

in Weed Control - on 14/8/18

Neptune Rake 3

Neptune Rake clears ponds

Neptune Rake is a lightweight, yet very robust tool for cropping emergent pond weed and dredging detritus from lake beds. It is light enough to carry by...

in Weed Control - on 31/7/18

Weeds - Amenity Forum

Fact, fiction & weeds

We live in a world of instant communication and 24 hour news. The power of social media means any story can be transmitted instantly by the press of a...

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Gravel path renovation

Gravel is a tricky surface to maintain. In order to keep it looking attractive, weeds must be removed regularly and good drainage should be encouraged...

in Weed Control - on 20/3/18