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bertshot1-14-10.JPGBert Brace, Vice President/Formulator of Aqua-Aid USA was on hand during Harrogate Week to re-launch Vitax OARS Curative and dispel any lingering confusion surrounding the product.

Having established that legal proceedings with former distributors Tower Chemicals have reached an amicable conclusion, that Tower Chemical's 'correct OARS' product was not and never has been manufactured by Aqua Aid, and Vitax are, and always have been sole UK distributors of Aqua-Aid's OARS Curative, he paved the way for Joe Crawley, head of Vitax Amenity to explain what this unique product is, how it works and the benefits it bestows.

Aqua 004.jpgAccording to Joe, Vitax OARS Curative is an Organic Acid Removal System, which when used in a wetting agent programme removes the organic waxy coatings that attach to soil particles and cause water repellency. "The removal of these organic coatings removes the cause of Dry Patch Disease/Localised Dry Patch on golf, bowling greens and other fine turf surfaces," he explains. "The surfactant components within the product attach themselves to hydrophobic soil surfaces and thatch to provide uniform movement of water into and through the soil profile." Thus, Vitax OARS Curative not only cures Dry Patch but also gives up to 30 days' surfactant activity. Only 2 to 3 applications are needed per season.

For further information on Vitax OARS Curative contact Vitax on Tel: 01530 510060 or visit their website at: www.vitax.co.uk

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