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CMC Mowers

I have always been practically minded, but I find that visual demonstration is the best way to teach and the easiest way to learn.

The ability to show people the benefits of routine maintenance and the procedures of major machine repairs on Pitchcare.com can only be of great benefit.

The majority of machines that come into my workshop have problems associated with neglect and it is rare that I see machinery reach what I would regard as a useful working life. Simple things like oil, water and grease seem to be commonly overlooked and result in engine failures, collapsed bearings and seized shafts to name but a few.

With over thirty years experience I hope to be able to pass on some of my knowledge in an effective manner. In time, I hope to build up a library of machinery repairs and service that people will be able to access for reference quickly and easily.

The Internet is there to be used and its potentials are almost unlimited.

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