0 Club Car Carryall 294 AWD to drive utility business in 2004

Club Car Carryall 294 AWD to drive utility business in 2004

By Nicole Wheatley

New Carryall 294 AWD is the most versatile, powerful and durable Carryall ever, and the first vehicle of its class to come Road Legal as standard

Club Car, recognised industry leaders in utility vehicle design and performance announce the launch of a new Carryall vehicle - the Carryall™ 294 All Wheel Drive featuring IntelliTrak. The Carryall 294 AWD is the most versatile, most comfortable, easiest-to-use 4x4 on the market today.

The Carryall range has always been synonymous with durability, versatility and power. The 294 AWD is no exception. This vehicle has been engineered to thrive in extreme conditions, travelling efficiently over unforgiving terrains, manoeuvring seamlessly in confined spaces and is capable of hauling cumbersome payloads with a tow capacity of 636 kilos and a box capacity of 454 kilos.

What will appeal to industry professionals and ultimately sets the Carryall 294 AWD apart from any other vehicle in this class is that it is the first ever 'Plug and Play' utility vehicle. You simply take delivery, and off you go! The IntelliTrak system allows the Carryall 294 AWD to sense and automatically engage 4-wheel drive by transferring power to the wheels, where it is needed most, as driving conditions demand. Unlike rival vehicles there are no gears to engage and no differentials to lock. The change back to 2-WD, which is more suitable for normal road driving, is just straight forward.

The 294 AWD also benefits from an up-rated version of Club Car's renowned aluminium frame, which is 3 times stronger than competitors steel frames, as well as being corrosion resistant. This durable lightweight construction enables the 294AWD to be tough enough to manoeuvre through rugged industrial sites, but light & nimble enough not to damage manicured greens and fairways.

When comparing the 294AWD to Club Car's competitors there is simply no equivalent. The 2 year warranty offered as standard is unprecedented, and there are more options & features available with the 294AWD than with any other utility or 4x4 vehicle. The options allow the 294AWD to be used for a variety of applications, a few examples include a 1136 kilo winch, tire chains, gun racks, snow plough, cargo rack, electric bed lift, 4-passenger fold-down rear seat and an attachment option will follow later this year.

The European Carryall 294AWD features a 20 hp Kubota© diesel engine and is capable of an impressive 25 mph top speed. Safety features for both the drivers and passengers protection, including a 4 point cage and 2 seat belts also come as standard. The bucket seats with adjustable drivers position and a tilt steering wheel make this an incredibly comfortable drive.

Thanks to the rugged, durable, adaptable design of the Carryall 294 there are a vast number of industry applications this most desirable of vehicles can be put to including golf course maintenance, moving people through airports, use on building sites, in factories, at garden centres, in amenity and leisure management and for security patrols. All European versions of the 294 will be road homologated. This is a first for Club Car in this vehicle category and will allow customers to register vehicles for road use direct from the showroom.

Put quite simply, the Carryall 294 AWD offers better performance, improved quality, more comfort and thanks to IntelliTrak is easier to use than any other 4x4, all for no extra cost.

The Carryall 294AWD will launch in the UK in January at BTME where demonstrator vehicle will be on display with Ride and Drive events planned for early Spring. The US launch takes place a few weeks later at the Tulare World Agricultural Exposition this February. Delivery to ESA (UK, Europe and Middle East) is anticipated for April 2004.

For more information on Carryall™ 294AWD and Club Car please contact Robert Drewery at the European Headquarters in Horwich, UK on 01204 690515
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