0 Club Car make their Free Ride programme even more attractive

Club Car make their Free Ride programme even more attractive

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There are 2 schemes, Shared Revenue and "Try before you Buy". Through the Shared Revenue scheme Clubs are provided with 5 or more Club Car golf cars free of charge with full technical, sales & marketing support. Revenue from renting the golf cars is shared between the participating course and Club Car. At the end of the agreed period the golf cars can either be bought or returned -with no strings attached

"Try before you Buy" allows Clubs to have up to 5 golf cars for 6 weeks with full support for no charge. All of the rental income belongs to the Club and after 6 weeks the Club's only obligation is to either return the vehicles or agree that if they purchase golf cars in the following 6 months it must be from Club Car - for a really great price.

Places on the programme have been eagerly taken up across the country, and Club Car's theory that first-hand experience of their vehicles would pay off has been proved. John Hunt of MTS Club Car in Wakefield has had a great experience with Free Ride as all of his trials to date have been converted to sales! John explains his take on the success of the programme, "it is such a great promotion that after 6 weeks most clubs realise that they are on to a good thing, both in terms of value and potential for them to make money."

Interestingly John Hunt's experience has been across the board with new customers as well as existing fleet owners taking on golf cars. John continues, "traditional members clubs are taking on golf cars for the first time. Their members are getting older but still want to play golf, and Free Ride lets them test the water and address the long-term health & safety demands an ageing golf population will bring."

Richard Allen, Head Professional at Styrrup Golf & Country Club nr Doncaster is currently part way through his golf car trial with MTS Club Car. He has been surprised by the positive impact the cars have made, "The introduction of Club Car golf cars has been greeted with enthusiasm by the members at Styrrup. I was not too surprised by their initial reaction as there is a certain novelty value to having golf cars, however they now genuinely regard the addition of Club Car golf cars as a positive step for the future of the Club."

Club Car realised that although Free Ride successfully allowed Clubs to trial their golf cars some Clubs were not 'kitted out' for the job. Two main issues were storage and drainage, and as a result Club Car has added 2 new facilities to the Free Ride programme; a Modular Storage solution and a Drainage solution.

Netlon are working in conjunction with Club Car to offer a complete range of drainage solutions that address Turf Stabilisation problems on courses that suffer from drainage problems. Netlon cart paths vary in load bearing capacity and construction but are simple to lay and can be offered at as little as half the cost of traditional paths. All of the options available via the Free Ride programme prove cost effective, and comprehensive technical advice on the most suitable solution is available if required.

The Modular Storage option has been added as many Clubs found that they had no suitable area in which to house their Club Car golf cars overnight. The Modular units are hold 2 golf cars, complete with canopies and screens, and are available for as little as £15 per month via Club Car's flexible financing service. The units come in a range of colour options, and have robust steel floor and outer shell that is also lockable.

These new facilities have been introduced to help Clubs get the most out of their golf car fleets, but are sure to increase Club Car sales by making the acquisition of Club Car golf cars even more straight forward and cost effective.

For more information contact Robert Drewery on 01204 690515.

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