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Club Car has announced the launch of their first new golf car since the popular DS model was introduced in 1980. From concept to launch, the Precedent has been in development for 5 years and comes as a direct response to the needs of industry professionals and golfers worldwide.

During development the project was known as 'Cleansheet' and reflects the open-minded attitude Club Car took to re-evaluating the golf car business. "Every advancement to the golf car to this point has been evolutionary. Precedent is revolutionary," explains Phil Trailes president and CEO of Club Car Inc, "We believe this car will be the standard for excellence that all future cars will be judged by. That is why it is called Precedent."

The immediate visible difference between Precedent and other golf cars is the styling. The rounded front gives the car a contemporary, sleek look, but the differences go far beyond mere aesthetics. Precedent is stronger and more durable, easier to service, more agile and comfortable than any golf car before.

Emphasis at design stage was also placed on reducing the cost of ownership. This has been achieved through the introduction of vast improvements to the Precedent's build and structure. Club Cars industry renowned AlumiCore™ chassis is attached to a reinforced, friction-bonded underbody, which provides added torsion rigidity and enhanced protection for brakes, wiring and pedals reducing the potential for damage to these components. Precedent - Alumicore chassis.JPG

The car's 360° Bumper™ is pleasing on the eye, and also provides wrap around impact protection. Uniquely the Bumper™ is removable allowing easy access to all units. Precedent also uses DuPont™ Surlyn Reflections® body panels, with moulded-in colours, which resist damage and eliminate any associated maintenance and repair costs. The strength and durability of Surlyn is underlined by its widespread use for golf ball casings.

The construction of the Precedent uses fewer parts than ever before. This means it is easy to inspect, service and clean the components, hence increasing the life of the car. One further change that contributes to improved performance and efficiency, as well as simplifying maintenance is the use of 4 12v batteries as opposed to the standard 6 8v batteries. The battery is lighter and more powerful than before, which results in more rounds of golf per charge.

The electric Precedent models feature Club Cars advanced IQ system. The IQ system monitors key system components and conditions via a computerised control system that ensures optimal performance. The IQ system has been a great success to date and contributes to the enhanced manageability of the Precedent.
The new standards for reliability and durability set by Precedent are reflected in the extended and transferable warranties offered with the car. These changes extend Club Car's warranty leadership over it's competitors even further.

Robert Drewery, Marketing Director of Club Car Europe believes that the Precedent will make a great impact on the golf courses in the UK and Europe, "We are really excited by Precedent. It has an elegant, modern look that appeals to golfers, and at the same time golf industry professionals are drawn to it because it is an incredibly easy, cost effective machine to maintain."

Golfers comfort has also been taken into consideration with the introduction of SportDrive™, which delivers a smooth ride thanks to steering and suspension enhancements. The use of an independent front suspension allows the tyres to maintain contact with the ground over bumps and uneven terrain.

For the more inclement countries the Monsoon Top™ roof with it's own built in drainage system will be a welcome addition. The roof eliminates standing water meaning no more spills. The Precedent's bagwell has also been improved to offer more room and security for full size golf bags

The Precedent is offered in two models; Professional and Champion. The models are distinguished by their different option packages, and different price points. The Precedent Champion is the top of the range and can be delivered in any of 8 colour options. Its features include aluminium wheels, club nameplate, tinted windscreen and upgraded steering wheel to name but a few.

Trials carried out at courses in the US in 2003 have been extremely successful and have contributed to the final design, which will be formally launched at the 2004 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando in January. The first opportunity to see the Precedent in the UK will be at BTME and the first Precedent cars will be available for delivery from March 2004.

For more information on Precedent and Club Car please contact Robert Drewery at the European Headquarters in Horwich, UK on 01204 690515.

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