0 Effects of Glyphosate on Non Target Plants

CRD has considered data on effects on non target terrestrial plants for a number of glyphosate products. It has been concluded that to protect non target plants glyphosate containing products should carry the risk mitigation phrase:

"Extreme care must be taken to avoid spray drift onto non-crop plants outside of the target area".

unless a risk assessment has been submitted that shows it is not needed.

This Regulatory Update has been issued to alert applicants to the fact that when considering any new products assessed under Regulation (EC) 1107/2009 CRD will require that this phrase is added to the label unless a risk assessment has been submitted which shows that it is not needed. This point will need to be addressed by applicants when submitting any applications for authorisation of new glyphosate containing products under Regulation (EC) 1107/2009. This does not affect any glyphosate containing products that have been already authorised.

Further Information

Guidance on environmental hazard and risk labelling for Plant Protection Products in the UK Here

Guidance document on Terrestrial Ecotoxicology - SANCO/10329/2002 rev 2.final - October 2002 Here

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