0 Cornish Landscaper is like "a stick of rock with Kubota down the middle"

Cornish Landscaper is like "a stick of rock with Kubota down the middle"

By Mike Bird


Maintaining maximum health and safety at work are top priorities for Ed Veerman, founder and owner of Cornish firm, E H Veerman Landscape Contractor Ltd.

When selecting new equipment for his landscaping business, Mr Veerman is adamant that the item delivers optimum safety both in operation and when needing adjustment or maintenance.

"It's a fact that certain machines provide greater safety than others to the operator and to passers-by," he pointed out. "I've used Kubota tractors, ride-on and walk-behind mowers for 20 years and believe that the company's products are second to none when it comes to providing a safe and secure operating environment. A further important point is the safety and use instruction given to my staff by local Kubota dealer, Vincent Tractors. Our safety record speaks for itself."

Working from his base in the village of Lanlivery, near Bodmin, Ed Veerman and his six-strong team offer a range of commercial hard and soft landscaping services with associated maintenance throughout Cornwall and the western half of Devon. Clients include local authorities, schools and colleges, industrial parks, sports grounds, golf courses, leisure resorts and holiday camps.

"Around 60 per cent of our landscaping work is carried out as a local sub-contractor to larger firms," pointed out Mr Veerman. "Our health and safety policy has got us onto the approved contractor list of many big companies who have very strict rules regarding safe machinery operation and care. This has had a knock-on effect in helping us secure and retain landscaping work for private customers that range from small local companies to second-home owners. Our recommendation rate is very high."

Ed Veerman runs two Kubota Super B series compact tractors, both with mid rotary cutter decks which remain on the tractors all year round, maintaining a variety of grass areas ranging from village greens to industrial parks.

One of the two tractors has been fitted with a front loader since new and this attachment, says Mr Veerman, has saved hours of manual labour shifting, lifting and loading materials such as sand, soil, compost and wood chippings.

Dedicated Kubota mowers run by E H Veerman Landscape Contractor include two G18 GlideCut ride-on mid mowers, both with low dump collectors, and an F3060 front mower with high dump collector.

"The G18s are used primarily in private gardens and on leisure and holiday parks, working in conjunction with the F3060," explained Mr Veerman. "The machines' manoeuvrability and ability to cut close to buildings and fences has reduced considerably the amount of strimming needed."

Yet, it is the safety aspects of Kubota machinery operation which continues to impress season after season, helping cut costs, time and labour.
To illustrate the point, Mr Veerman said that the stability of his B2410 tractor had reduced by two hours the time taken to complete one specific regular contract . . . with one less man involved!

"It's a particularly steep site that used to be cut using hand-held strimmers," explained Mr Veerman. "However, one of my team said that he thought the Kubota tractor with mid mower could safely negotiate the slope. The site owner was not keen, but I brought in our health and safety specialist who did a full operational assessment and confirmed that there were no safety issues. Properly and carefully driven, the tractor performed really well and we haven't looked back since."

As to reliability, Mr Veerman said that Kubota equipment gives him very little to worry about. "If we ever need a part, then Vincent Tractors always provide a rapid turnaround," he concluded. "The firm is also very good on after-sales follow up and knows that I am more than happy to speak with prospective customers about Kubota products. Paul Vincent of Vincent Tractors says that I am like a stick of rock with Kubota written down the middle. That's a great description for someone who works in a major holiday region of the UK and is also a great Kubota admirer."

Kubota (U. K.) Limited can be contacted on freephone enquiry hotline 0800 0231111, by e-mailing sales@kubota.co.uk or by visiting www.kubota.co.uk

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