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tower-sport.jpgThere has been recently an amount of mis-information unjustly spoken about the product *correctOAR's.*

*correctOAR's *is the patented product that will remove the non-polar humic acid content from the soil to combat dry patch.

OARS is only a registered trade name and not the patented product, hence why you can buy it at a discounted rate as it does not come from the patented manufacturer. It purports to be the same but it is not.

After laboratory testing the differences between OARS and *correctOAR's *are very significant. Should you wish to be furnished with this information please do not hesitate to contact us on the above numbers.

Should you wish to view the patent it is available to view under patent number US 6,857,225 B2.

The patent is owned by Milliken & Company who have assigned the worldwide distribution rights to GTi. GTi have assigned sole European sales rights to Tower.

Please contact Tower should you feel as though you have been misinformed or mislead in any way into purchasing a lesser product, as legal action
will be commencing shortly.


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